Watch: Emotiva Teases Their Sexy New Airmotiv GR1 Headphones!

It’s no secret that we love Emotiva gear around here. They make extremely well-designed speakers and hi-fi electronics that sell for remarkably fair prices. Now they are bringing that same formula over to headphones. It’s called the Airmotiv GR1, and it’s a sexy pair of over-ear headphones with a frame made up of steel and wood. They have heavily cushioned vegan leather earpads, and semi-open rear grills developed to offer the benefits of both open and closed-back designs.

The cable is detachable, and they also come with a nice looking hard case for transport. The main draw is the 50mm Graphene-Coated drivers, which are designed to be extremely light and stiff.  That should make them capable of playing fast and detailed. Emotiva describes their sound as “Clean, clear, detailed, smooth, punchy, but never muddy.”

Check out the video above for a good look at the Airmotiv GR1. The Audiophiliac also has an early review which I’ve posted above. The GR1 is selling for $299 right now on the Emotiva website.

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