IsoAcoustics Releases The Impressive (And Affordable) ZaZen Isolation Platform

Today, IsoAcoustics announced an addition to its extensive line of isolation products. It’s called the zaZen Isolation Platform, and it’s a cost-effective way to shield your turntables and sensitive hi-fi components from fidelity-killing vibrations coming from the floor or even your speakers. The name is pulled from Zen Buddhism, and it’s supposed to conjure up visions of peaceful meditation. That’s a state which the manufacturer equates with the clarity and focus low noise levels bring to music playback.

There are two zaZen platforms, called zaZen I and zaZen II. Each is comprised of a dense fiberboard covered with a gloss black finish, but the zaZen I is made to hold components up to 25 lbs, while the zaZen II is developed to handle gear up to 40 lbs. Both models measure 17” Wide x 15” Deep.

On the bottom of the zaZen platforms reside IsoAcoustics’ patented isolator feet, and they are there to reduce the noise floor so you can hear more detail out of your music. This is the same effective tech present in their OREA Equipment Isolators, which I’ll be writing about very soon.

The IsoAcoustics zaZen is available in the US right now; the price for the zaZen I is $199.99, and the zaZen II is $229.99.


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