Vinyl Moon Subscription Review: Discover Awesome New Music With This Unique Service!

This month is the fifth anniversary of Vinyl Moon, an extraordinary indie vinyl subscription club I just discovered.

Every month they ship out exclusive vinyl packages with dazzling artwork from exquisite graphic artists, custom-colored vinyl discs, and a special gift. Each recording has tracks from around ten up and coming artists from all around the world.

The company sent me two of their bundles to check out, and I must say, pictures don’t do them justice. One of the packs, called “Love Stack,” had a fantastic tri-fold jacket with some of the most stunning artwork I’ve ever seen. It looked like something you would see on a museum wall.

Inside the jacket was a half pink, half yellow record along with a cool slipmat that mirrored the art on the jacket. It honestly was breathtaking.

The second pack, entitled “Fluid Perspectives,” utilized a nautical theme, with a beautiful beach painting on the inside of the jacket, and a sand-colored vinyl disk. The vinyl also had a transparent portion in the middle, which made for an unexpected effect when I held it up to the light. You also get a set of stickers to decorate the beach scene.

All that is great, but I’m sure you’re wondering by now…How’s the music? Well, I listened to both projects, and believe or not, I liked EVERY song! I figured I would find a few tracks I would like, but I didn’t ever think I would like them all! Each playlist was mixed perfectly, so the music just flowed, and there was an excellent mix of electric, indie rock, even some indie R&B. (For those who have Spotify, you can listen to the “Fluid Perspectives” playlist here.)

If you are looking for a novel way to discover new music, and build up your vinyl collection with actual collector’s items, you should check out Vinyl Moon!

This month, as part of their fifth-anniversary celebration, Vinyl Moon is giving new subscribers a chance to enjoy the experience at 20% off. Learn more and subscribe at


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