Pangea Audio Vulcan 5 Shelf Rack Review: This Quality Audio Rack Is A Real Bargain!

Pangea Audio Vulcan 5 Shelf Rack

Pangea Audio Vulcan 5 Shelf Rack







What We Dig

  • Easy To Assemble
  • Sturdy Build
  • Nice Price

What To Think About

  • Spikes Are Very Sharp

A few months back, we did a story on the release of the Pangea Audio Vulcan 5 Shelf Rack, a new addition to Pangea’s affordable Vulcan Rack series. The MDF racks, which are coated in a thick, scratch-resistant vinyl, come in several configurations.

Options range from a low-profile single shelf Amp stand, a three-shelf turntable stand with vinyl record storage, all the way up to the five-shelf version we’re featuring today.

The five-shelf design is for those with a ton of gear but not a ton of space, which is precisely the situation in my listening room. Pangea Audio was gracious enough to send me a sample, so I spent an hour or so on a Sunday putting it together.

Building The Vulcan 5 Shelf Rack

When I say an hour or so, that may be pushing it, because it probably didn’t even take that long. Tools aren’t necessary since the whole thing just screws together using a collection of tubes with threaded ends and shelf planks. The hardest thing about building it is making sure to select the right part at the right time.

Since construction is modular, meaning each section of the rack is similar, you can get the hang of things pretty quickly. That also means you can build the stand as high (or low) as you wish, just by leaving a section out.

Another thing I like about the modular construction is you can easily customize your rack with longer tubes to add height, drawers for storage, and casters to provide mobility. These are all available at

Once built, the result is attractive and sturdy. There is no shake whatsoever. The Black matte finish and curved edges give it a clean, minimal look similar to an all-black speaker cabinet. Even though it costs about half the price of my fancier rack with glass shelves and chrome accents, it doesn’t look like it.

At the bottom of the rack, the provided adjustable spikes are installed, which allows greater isolation from floor vibrations. If you are placing the rack on hard flooring, you can rest the spikes in small spike discs included for protecting your floor. You will need them because the spikes are extra sharp. I found that out the hard way.

Setting up the Rack

I set up the rack in a secondary system/studio area, and the 24-inch wide x 18-inch deep shelves provided more than adequate space for standard-sized components stacked two high. The bottom shelf has about an inch and a half more space heightwise.

The open space all around the rack allows for adequate venting of components and also gives you excellent access to the rear and sides of your gear. This will be fully appreciated by system changers like myself, who continuously swap out electronics.


The Pangea Audio Vulcan 5 Shelf Rack is a sleek and sturdy way to display your audio gear. The tough finish and thick MDF construction also ensure it will resist vibration and last for a long time. Add to that a reasonable price along with easy assembly, and you have a winner here. It is highly recommended.

Technical Specs

  • Ultra-rigid 39.75″-tall five-shelf audio component rack
  • Generous-sized 24″ wide, 18″ deep, and 0.625″-thick shelves
  • Open-air design maximizes component ventilation and makes it easy to install/remove gear
  • Four steel support tubes feature scratch-resistant, resonance-resistant black powder-coat paint
  • Steel bolt-together design creates an easy-to-assemble ultra-rigid rack
  • Steel cone point feet have adjustable carpet-piercing spikes for easy leveling
  • Rack supports up to 75 lbs. (34 kg) per shelf and 350 lbs. (158 kg) total per rack
  • Height between shelves is 8.75″ above the lower shelf and 7.25″ between other shelves
  • Width between shelf supports is 19.4″
  • Dense MDF shelves are wrapped in a durable, easy-to-clean vinyl material that resists scratching and most liquids
  • Shelf fronts and sides are contoured for a streamlined look
  • Modular design allows you to customize your Vulcan rack with shelves, drawers, casters, and more

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