Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Report Part 4: The Show In Pictures-Headphones & All In One Speaker Systems!

RMAF was a blast…I flew in late on Friday, so I didn’t have time to spend hours listening to headphones like I usually do at the shows. But I did take some quick listens and saw some pretty cool stuff!

I also wanted to add in some pics of the new all-in-one audio systems and wireless speakers I saw. I’m starting to see more and more of this stuff at the shows, and with advances in technology, their sound is getting better and better.

Klipsch THE THREE II Wireless Speaker ($399)
Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier ($499)
Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones ($1199)
Wanna know what a 10k Headphone Rig looks like? Here you go! Sony DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player Signature Series ($8499) and Z1R Premium Headphones ($1999)
HeadAmp GS-X mk2 Balanced Headphone Amplifier / Pre-Amplifier ($2999) w/ HiFiMan HE1000 ($2999) This amp made the HE1000 sing!
Sony SA-Z1 Hi-Res Near Field Powered Speaker System Signature Series (est. 5k-10k) The soundstage was unreal on these!
Andover MODEL ONE RECORD PLAYER w/ stand and subwoofer ($3600) This DSP on this setup sounded amazing….it really sounded like there were two speakers in front of the room!
Bowers & Wilkins Formation Wedge ($899) and Formation Bass ($999)
AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt 2.1v USB Digital-Audio Converter ($299) Finally got a chance to listen to the new DragonFly! This thing is powerful! It drove the Audeze Audeze LCD-2 Closed-back with no problem. Sounded good too!
KLH Audio Ultimate One Headphones ($299)
beyerdynamic LAGOON ANC EXPLORER and TRAVELLER ($399)
Manley ABSOLUTE HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER ($4500) Man, this is a pretty amp!
AUSOUNDS AU-Flex ANC Hybrid Planar Magnetic Wireless Earphones ($199)
AUSOUNDS AU-Flex ANC Hybrid Planar Magnetic Wireless Earphones ($199) Man, these things sound really good…I would love to spend some more time with these!
The New Final D8000 Pro Edition ($3700), this is a very unique planar magnetic headphone tuned for rock and more dynamic music.
Cayin iDAP-6 Network Player, iDAC-6MK2 DAC, Balanced Headphone Amp iHA-6…Really good with the D8000 Pro Edition!
Astell & Kern KANN CUBE Digital Audio Player ($1499)
Astell&Kern A&futura SE100 Portable Music Player ($1699)
Astell&Kern A&futura SP2000 Portable Music Player ($3499)
beyerdynamic AMIRON WIRELESS COPPER $799

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