Check This Out: Mr. Speakers Has ‌A‌ New Name And New Headphones!‌

No burying the Lede here.

Mr. Speakers is now Dan Clark Audio.

Dan Clark Audio also has a new headphone, the AEON‌ 2.

Headphone enthusiasts know Mr. Speakers. They are a small company that started out modding Fostex Planar Magnetic headphones, then moved on to making highly successful Planar designs of their own.

Today, Mr. Speakers announced their name change to Dan Clark Audio, hoping to capitalize on the name recognition of their President and Founder Dan Clark. They also wanted to remove confusion caused by the old name–since they don’t make speakers in the traditional sense.

From the Press Release:

The audio company known until today as MrSpeakers is now called Dan Clark Audio.

 According to company President and Founder, Dan Clark, the new name is a more accurate reflection of the company’s role as a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of products well beyond loudspeakers.

 “In fact, there isn’t one speaker in our lineup,” said Mr. Clark. “Personal audio is my true passion. It’s what drives me develop headphones with direct appeal to discerning audiophiles and anyone who simply enjoys well-recorded music the way it was meant to be heard.”

Along with the name change, they also announced the release of their new Planar Magnetic headphones, the $899 AEON‌ 2. The new model builds upon Dan Clark Audio’s most successful product to date, the AEON‌ Flow. Like the AEON Flow, there will be both open and closed versions.

The AEO‌N‌ 2 is similar in shape and size to the original, but this time they added a folding mechanism to the headband, so they can be more portable.

Because they now fold up, the new headphone comes with a new case that’s more than 1/3 smaller than the old model. The AEON‌ 2 is also lighter than the AEON‌ Flow.

Along with the changes to the headband, they also made changes to the sound. According to the company, they used “a new motor assembly directly derived from the award-winning ETHER 2 flagship” that “enhances resolution, soundstage, dynamics, tone, and imaging.”

In a new Head-Fi video introducing the AEON‌ 2, Jude from Head-Fi marveled at the soundstage of the AEON‌ 2 Closed, saying it sounded wider than the open-back version of the AEON‌ Flow. To hear his full impressions, along with Dan Clark’s vision around the design check out the video up top.

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The following press release is courtesy of Dan Clark Audio:

Dan Clark Audio (formerly MrSpeakers) Announces Arrival of Aeon2 Headphones

 New Model Features Re-designed and Upgraded Ingredients for a Superior Listening Experience and unmatched Portability

 SAN DIEGO, CA, 11/1/19 – Dan Clark Audio today announced the availability of a new high-fidelity over-ear headphone that builds upon the legacy of its popular AEON Flow headphone with new design elements and components that offer a demonstrable upgrade over its predecessor, let alone competitive products at similar prices.

The new Aeon 2 SRP: $899.99 includes critical improvements that add up to a new standard in aesthetics, ergonomics and, most important, sound quality.

“The AEON Flow is one of the most successful and well-reviewed headphones at its price, but that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and treat it as a finished project,” said Dan Clark, President and Founder, Dan Clark Audio. “The Aeon2 builds upon the legacy of the original, but with significant updates that further serve to cement its place as a standard-setting headphone for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.”  

Developed with input from dealers and consumers, the new Aeon2 is a more portable headphone than the original AEON Flow, weighing a mere 325 grams for long-term comfort, whether listening at home or on the road. Also, Dan Clark Audio incorporated multiple technologies from its flagship ETHER 2 headphone while maintaining the Aeon2’s mid-level price.

A unique folding gimbal system on AEON 2 allows for easy storage in its newly designed case. A new motor assembly directly derived from the award-winning ETHER 2 flagship enhances resolution, soundstage, dynamics, tone, and imaging.

An ultra-light, highly carbon fiber baffle plates serve as the base for the driver. The driver assembly is now mounted to an extruded and machined aluminum frame that remains light and rigid.

Updated ear pads feature thicker sidewalls for enhanced isolation and improved aesthetics, as well as comfort over long periods.

In addition to the standard package, a premium AEON 2 option (SRP: $1,099.99) includes an ergonomic, high-end custom-designed silver-plated copper VIVO cable with a choice of a 2.5, 3.5, 4.4, 6.8mm tips or a 4-pin XLR connectors. The 2.5, 3.5 and 4.4mm terminated cables are 1.1m long for travel convenience while the 6.8 and XLR cables are 1.8m. AEON 2 is also available with 3m 1/4” and XLR VIVO cables at a suggested retail price of $1,249.99.

 Sonically, the Aeon2 features a significantly larger, more immersive soundstage that is both wider and deeper on both models than competitive models in the market. The bigger soundstage is delivered with improved imaging and layering, instrument placement and specificity are reinforced increased air between elements in the field.

Bass lovers will enjoy a bigger, more solid low-end that does not “bleed” in the midrange (vocals), allowing for a fun and lively rhythm section while maintaining exceptional vocal clarity.

 The all new Aeon2’s are currently available from Dan Clark Audio’s website and authorized dealers.

 For More insight follow the below link to see Dan Clarks interview with Jude Mansilla, the founder of Headfi.

 The AEON 2 is available for purchase today. For further information, visit

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