The Mesmerizing TRIANGLE BOREA BR03 Hifi Bookshelf Speaker In The House! First Impressions And Unboxing Pics!

(Check out our review of the TRIANGLE BOREA BR03 here! We named it our 2019 Product Of The Year!)

Today I’m checking out the BOREA BR03, a new bookshelf speaker from French Hifi manufacturer TRIANGLE. The BR03 is the largest bookshelf model in their new BOREA line of budget audiophile speakers, which draws from their mid-range Esprit EZ range.

The BR03 is a really big bookshelf speaker, measuring about 15 inches tall,  8 inches high, and a little over 12 inches deep. They’re front-ported, and equipped with a 25mm (almost an inch) silk dome tweeter, along with a 16cm midrange/bass driver. The midbass driver is made from untreated cellulose paper membrane, originally developed for the slightly more expensive Esprit Ez series.

This speaker is selling for about $549 retail, and so far I’m impressed with the level of refinement right out of the box. I matched it up with the Stellar DAC and Amplifier from PS Audio, and the imaging/soundstage was unreal. Stay tuned for the full review.

BUY HERE: Adorama-TRIANGLE BOREA BR03 Bookshelf Speaker

(Video in French, but you can still take a look at the speakers in white…)

Specs and Unboxing Pics: 

  • Number of drivers- 2 
  • Number of ways- 2
  • Sensitivity- 90 dB/W/m
  • Frequency range-  46 Hz – 22 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Power handling- 100 W
  • Nominal impedance-  8 Ω
  • Minimum impedance- 4,2 Ω
  • Dimensions- 206 x 314 x 380 mm
  • Weight- 7 kg



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