It’s All About That Bass! Andover Audio’s New $299 SpinSub Subwoofer Rounds Out Their Award-Winning Compact Hi-fi System!

Andover Audio has unveiled a new $299 subwoofer called SpinSub. It’s equipped with Dual 6.5-inch Woofers in a compact vented enclosure, and the drivers are mated to a 100W (Peak) Class D Amplifier. This sub is designed to connect to their award-winning SpinBase turntable speaker and provide some additional low-end extension. 

It’s available for pre-order now. Units are expected to ship in Mid-July.

The “Spin System,” comprised of their amazing $299 SpinBase speaker, $349 SpinDeck turntable, and $199 SpinStand, is a favorite around these parts.

That’s because this compact Hi-Fi system not only looks elegant, it’s affordable and has captivating sound for its size.  (read our review here)

With the SpinSub, the Spin System now becomes a full-range compact stereo system perfect for small bedrooms or apartments.

The subwoofer is finished in a textured fabric that perfectly matches the other components, and it’s sized to fit perfectly on the bottom shelf of the SpinStand.

It also has the same vibration-reducing IsoGroove technology as the SpinBase, allowing it to sit on the same stand as the turntable without disturbing it.

For more information on the SpinSub, visit

The following press release is courtesy of Andover Audio:

Andover Audio Introduces the SpinSub Subwoofer
New Subwoofer Adds Oomph to Award-Winning SpinBase Turntable Speaker System

Andover, MA—June 2021— Building on its highly acclaimed “Spin” product system, and created in response to customer feedback, Andover Audio introduces SpinSub: a 100-watt subwoofer designed to pair with the award-winning SpinBase Turntable Speaker System.

SpinSub connects to SpinBase via its subwoofer output and extends its low-end bass range – making the pairing a compact, full-range listening solution. SpinSub also pairs seamlessly with traditional audio systems (e.g. bookshelf speakers) equipped with a compatible sub output.

SpinSub is designed around Andover’s patent-pending IsoGroove technology, which reduces unnecessary vibrations to eliminate acoustic feedback. This enables SpinSub to be placed near a turntable, or even directly on a SpinStand (where it fits perfectly), without issue.

SpinSub features a pair of 6.5-inch, long-excursion woofers whose cones push more air and are more efficient than a traditional 8-inch woofer. These woofers deliver extended bass response with precise control and impact, down to 32Hz. SpinSub also incorporates adjustable frequency and level controls to compensate for room acoustics and placement, or to match to other audio systems.

SpinSub is wrapped with premium black or white fabric that perfectly complements SpinBase and/or the SpinStand record stand, which are also offered in black or white. The subtle elegance of the Spin product system looks great in any room, with sound to match.

SpinSub is compatible with the latest SpinBase, which incorporates a subwoofer output jack.
An adapter cable is provided for those who wish to use SpinSub with other audio systems. Andover offers an upgrade program to first-generation SpinBase owners who want subwoofer compatibility (visit for more info).

SpinSub Features and Specifications

• Dual 6.5-inch Woofers with Vented Enclosure
• 100W (Peak) Class D Amplifier
• 50-180Hz Adjustable Low-Pass Filter • Adjustable Level Control
• Auto Signal Sensing Actuation
• 32Hz – 180Hz Frequency Response
• Available in Black or White
• Premium Fabric Covered Body

SpinSub retails for $299. It’s available for pre-order at and at participating dealers. High-res images of the product are available here. SpinSub is expected to ship in July.


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