The Thrilling PSB‌‌ Alpha S10 Subwoofer In The House! First Impressions And Unboxing Pics

Many subwoofers are made just to go boom. They’re one-note, so when you use them to play tunes, you get a detached thump that doesn’t blend with the music. That’s fine with movies where you just want to rattle the house, but with music, you want a little more articulation and nuance on the low end.

According to PSB Speakers, their affordable Alpha Series Subs are designed to sound just as good playing your favorite tracks as it does playing your favorite flick in a surround sound setup. Instead of just a rumble, they are said to play complete low bass notes. This is something I‌ want to check out when doing my review.

There are two Alpha Series Subs:

The Alpha S10 and S8 subs are both bass reflex designs with a rear port housed in compact cabinets of black woodgrain. The S10 features a 10″ woofer with polypropylene cone and rubber surround while the Alpha S8 sports an 8″ woofer. Other than woofer size, the two new PSB subs have similar feature sets and utilize the same 150 Watt digital amplifier and variable crossover from 50-150Hz.

As you can probably tell from the post title, I‌ got the larger S10 model, which retails for $549, and I also had them send out a pair of the $219 Alpha P3 Bookshelf Speakers to make a 2.1 Sub/Sat system. I‌ liked their big brother, the $399 Alpha P5 Bookshelf, when I‌ reviewed them, so I’m excited to try this Sub/Sat combination.

Taking the sub out of the box, it feels pretty heavy-duty. It has the same low key look as the Alpha bookshelf speakers, and it should have no problem blending into your decor. Stay tuned for my full review of the S10 Sub and the P3 speakers!

First Impressions:

  • Clean Design
  • Heavy-Duty Build


  • 150 Watt Continuous Power
  • Bass reflex design with rear port
  • Compact cabinet volumes with high output
  • Woofer features polypropylene cones and rubber surrounds
  • Rear Mounted Volume Crossover Controls

Where to buy:

Click Here To Buy: AMAZON-Alpha S10 Powered Subwoofer

Click Here To Buy: AMAZON-PSB Alpha P3 Compact Bookshelf Speaker – Black Ash

Unboxing Pics:




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