Pangea’s Brilliant New Audio Rack Holds A‌‌ Ton For Only $179!

Audiophiles with elaborate systems need a stereo rack with a lot of space, and the Vulcan Five-Shelf Audio Rack from Pangea Audio is their new stand which accommodates up to five components.

It’s a clean piece of furniture designed to match a variety of decors, and the thick MDF‌ shelves are wrapped in scratch-resistant vinyl. It also features tapered cone feet with carpet piercing spikes to enhance stability and reduce vibrations.

For those with wood and tile floors, the stand comes with mini metal saucers to protect those finishes.

While all of that is nice, the real news is the price. The Pangea Audio Vulcan Five-Shelf Audio Rack sells for a very reasonable price of $179.95, which seems like an excellent price for a rack of this caliber. It’s currently available on Amazon, along with the popular four-shelf version that sells for $149.95. As of this writing, they have 219 ratings, with 95% of them coming in at four or five stars.

Buy Here: Amazon-Pangea Audio Vulcan Four or Five Shelf Audio Rack, Media Stand, and Components Cabinet (5 Shelf (Black))


The following Press Release is courtesy of Pangea Audio Distributing:

Pangea Audio Distributing’s Vulcan Audio Rack Selection Grows with Introduction of New Five-Shelf Design

The New Pangea Audio Vulcan Five Shelf Audio Rack

Holds an Elaborate System’s Worth of Electronics

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, February 11, 2020 – Pangea Audio, developer and manufacturer of high performance, high value audio accessories, is expanding its popular selection of Vulcan audio furniture with the new Pangea Audio Vulcan Five Shelf Audio Rack. [SKU PGVUL5RK.]

The Pangea Audio Vulcan Five Shelf Audio Rack, which is currently available at a suggested retail price of $179.95, is the company’s tallest offering yet, with five shelves of ample storage space that maintain the original model’s ultra-stable, low-vibration characteristics.

“The original four-shelf rack and the TTX2 Vulcan stands are two of our most successful models to date, thanks to their unshakable stability and design aesthetic that blends with any room,” said Steve Niemi, Director of Global Sales, Pangea Audio, LLC. “In fact, the only comment we received on a regular basis is how a five-shelf option will be better suited to more elaborate systems. As of today, problem solved!”

With space for up to five components, the Five Shelf Audio Rack, which measures 39.75″ H x 24″ W x 18″ D, features a rigid, 19mm top shelf platform that supports up to 80 lbs., making it a strong, stable platform for even the most sensitive turntables. Like all Vulcan products, the rack can be reconfigured as needed to best suit the user’s needs.

The Five Shelf Audio Rack includes tapered cone feet with carpet piercing spikes, ensuring a bare minimum of vibration that is on a par with stands costing thousands more. The included Mini Sonic Saucers protect wood and tile floor finishes. The modular design makes it easy to swap out the 0.625” scratch-resistant shelves or add accessories such as casters or drawers.

Added Mr. Niemi: “The new Pangea Audio Vulcan Five Shelf Audio Rack is a prime example of how we take our customers’ needs to heart when designing new products. This piece comes as a direct result of customer feedback.”

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