Stunning! ELAC Launches Update To Best-Selling Uni-Fi Speakers, Uni-Fi 2.0!

Elac’s Andrew Jones is back with his latest design, a new edition of the highly popular Uni-Fi speakers. Dubbed Uni-Fi 2.0, the new models are formed once again around a concentric driver platform, which is said to improve coherency by placing the tweeter at the center of the midrange driver.

Version 2.0 brings a raft of improvements upon the originals, including:

  • A brand new custom-designed Concentric driver with a new wide surround tweeter for extended highs and lows
  • New one-piece aluminum woofers for greater stiffness-means they should move more air and enhance bass performance
  • New sophisticated crossover units to divide frequencies
  • Robust cabinets with thick MDF walls and strategically placed bracing for less vibration
  • Front-firing ports for more flexible placement

Jones has produced some highly desirable concentric speaker designs in the past, including during his work with TAD, Kef, and of course, ELAC. The original Uni-Fi series was almost universally adored when it was released, so if the new affordably priced Uni-Fi 2.0 can genuinely improve upon their performance, they should be unique.

The Uni-Fi 2.0 line currently consists of the $599 a pair UB52 3-way Bookshelf Speaker, which is sure to be the most popular, the $599 each UF52 Floorstanding Speaker, and the $399 UC52 Center Channel Speaker for home-theater use. All are available via


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