beyerdynamic North America Intros The Breathtaking 3rd Gen. T1 and T5 Headphones

Today, beyerdynamic has released the third generation of their Tesla audiophile headphones, the T1 and T5. Both retail at $999. At first glance, the new design looks only to be a light refresh of the previous models; however, a closer look reveals several unique luxury touches.

The new Tesla cans feature an attractive, premium build composed of anodized, brushed aluminum, suede-like Alcantara® fabric, synthetic leather, and lacquered stainless steel.

On the audio side, they continue to leverage Beyerdynamic’s venerated Tesla Technology, while using a new tuning scheme said to augment the crisp, spacious sound of its predecessors with slight bass enhancement. The T1, which is open-backed, is said to have an even more spacious three-dimensional sound, while the closed-back T5 keeps out more outside noise and is said to provide a natural realism to both voices and instruments.

The removable cables on both models have high-purity OCC7N copper conductors, and both the T1 and T5 are rated at a 32-ohm impedance for usage with portable music players.

For more information on the 3rd gen T1 and T5’s design, check out the video posted above.

The new T1 and T5 are available starting today at



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