The “Best Bookshelf Speaker Of 2019” Is Real Cheap Right Now!

If you want a low-cost speaker with fantastic definition and air to build a system around, then you need to pick up the Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker, which is marked down to $267.99 ($32 Off!). This deal is good until 12/31 as part of Q Acoustics’ New Year’s Sale.

Dubbed “The Best Bookshelf Speaker” by Wirecutter, their sound is well beyond what one would expect from a speaker under $300. They are nice and flat, with exquisite treble detail and a sweet midrange. The imaging and soundstage are also excellent. With the right recording, you will be able to hear instruments hanging in space with realism. There are some speakers well over $500 that will not give you the same “you are there” feeling.

Keep in mind; these speakers are not bass monsters, they have a tight, controlled bass that works well with stuff like Jazz and Acoustic music. If you’re looking to put together a system, then also pick up the $349 Cambridge Audio AXA35 Integrated Amplifier, an amp that will bring these speakers to life! If you want a speaker with a little more bass (but not quite as refined), then you can check out the ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers, which are also on sale right now.

Buy Now: AMAZON-Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker Pair (Graphite Grey)

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Our brand new Q 3020i bookshelf speakers come from an award-winning heritage, and with even more technological enhancements, they are unbeatable for the price. They were designed to deliver beautiful, room-filling sound without sacrificing aesthetics, so you’ll get stunning sound in a beautifully designed package.

  • Shelf or stand mount the 3020i speakers, whichever works with your current setup and design
  • Impressive sound and aesthetic enhancements for improved overall performance and design
  • We’ve increased the cabinet size by 25% (taller and deeper than previous models) for a larger scale sound and deeper bass
  • The 22mm decoupled high-frequency driver with wide surround creates a wide and even dispersion of stereo
  • Our 3020i speakers utilize Point-to-Point (P2P) bracing techniques that keep the enclosure quiet for a more accurate soundstage
  • We’ve removed conventional terminal panel cutouts, which allows for greatly improved structural integrity to the enclosures
  • Added low-profile binding posts make for easy room positioning
  • Sockets are deep enough to accept 4mm (0.16″) Banana Plugs

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