Q Acoustics’ Awe-Inspiring New Concept Loudspeakers Promise A Live Performance In Your Living Room!

Today, Q Acoustics’ launched the latest edition of their remarkable Concept speakers, incorporating technology from their flagship Concept 300 (our review here) and Concept 500 speakers. Through the use of knowledge gained through the design of those state of the art models, Q Acoustics’ promises speakers with ultra-quiet enclosures that provide “focused stereo imaging, accurate audio and an extended holographic soundstage” in order to simulate a live performance. 

This Concept speaker line consists of three models, the $1299 Concept 30 standmount, $2999 Concept 50 floorstander and the $999 Concept 90 center channel which can be added in to build a home theater system. 

The new Concept speaker range will be available for purchase at the end of November. For more information and pics, see below. 


The following press release is courtesy of Q Acoustics:

No artificial colouring: Q Acoustics’ new Concept  loudspeaker range delivers purity of sound 

October 8th 2021, UK – Leading audio specialist Q Acoustics introduces the newest models of its award-winning series of Concept stereo and home cinema loudspeakers: Concept 30 standmountConcept 50 floorstander and Concept 90 centre channel. Taking cutting-edge acoustic technology and design cues pioneered in the flagship Concept 300 and 500, while also introducing new state-of-the art audio innovations, these new models deliver truly high-end home audio performance without the  high-end price tag. 

Every element of acoustic innovation featured in the latest Concept range is geared towards designing the quietest cabinet possible. Unaffected by internal and external resonances, these speakers deliver focused stereo imaging, accurate audio and an extended holographic soundstage to emulate a live  performance in the home. 

Concept range audio innovations include: 

  • Gelcore™ cabinet construction reduces higher frequency cabinet noise. 
  • Point-2-Point™ (P2P) internal bracing stiffens the cabinet to minimise lower frequency  vibrations (not Concept 90) 
  • Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers (HPE™) reduces internal pressure and standing waves  (Concept 50 and 500 only). 
  • Isolation suspension base eradicates unwanted external and internal vibrations.

New audio innovations on the Concept 30, 50 and 90 include: 

  • The driver assembly is mounted to the front aluminium baffle by pretensioned studs to give the correct acoustic seal, while dampen vibrations and minimise structural coupling of the  assembly in main cabinet. 
  • Ground-up mid/bass and tweeter driver design for increased power handling.
  • High-frequency driver is fully hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated (floating) from  the front baffle to protect from internal resonances from the mid/bass driver.
  • Crossover design is mounted on the isolation base, to minimise any microphonic pick up and  away from electro-magnetic fields radiated by the drive units. 

No artificial colouring 

Introduced in the original Concept speaker, the Gelcore™ cabinet construction is designed to minimise  high-frequency noise. A unique design comprised of a non-setting gel sandwiched between two  individual layers, this specially developed adhesive dissipates high-frequency vibrations, generated by  the moving drivers, into heat to maintain a focused audio performance. 

To keep the cabinet as rigid as possible, Point-2-Point™ (P2P) internal bracing is employed. First  introduced in the Concept 500, reinforcement is fitted to interior areas of the cabinet susceptible to  low-end frequency reverberations. 

A variation on the hugely effective ‘isolation base’ principle first seen on Concept 300 means all three  of the new Concept models have a suspension system in the form of a sprung baseplate. Two plates  are separated by suspension ‘spheres’ that effectively isolates the cabinet from interference from  external vibrations, providing tighter stereo imaging, while also bringing greater depth. 

Tall floorstanding speakers are prone to internal build-up of pressure that cause unwanted standing  waves and reverberations. To prevent this occurring, specially designed Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers  (HPE™) tubes are fitted inside the Concept 50’s cabinet to improve frequency response.  

All these anti-resonance innovations allow the state-of-the-art complement of drivers free to get on  with the job of delivering the most realistic, most involving sound ever heard at this price-point.

Controlled power 

Designed as an integral part of the mechanical structure of the cabinet, both the 5-inch mid/bass and  0.9-inch tweeter drivers are new, ground-up designs specifically for the Concept 30, 50 and 90  loudspeakers. The drive units are fixed to a remarkably stiff 3mm aluminium baffle plate before it is  fitted to the cabinet – this gives the correct acoustic seal, dampening vibrations and minimising structural coupling. 

Elsewhere, the tweeter is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated (floating) from the baffle,  which means lower distortion and a lower crossover point for seamless integration through the  crossover region. At 30.5mm, the larger mid/bass driver voice coil increases motor strength resulting  in a 50% increase in power handling over a comparable driver with 25.4 mm voice coil. 

Lastly, the crossover itself is mounted to the isolation base, keeping it free of sound-effecting vibrations and away from the electro-magnetic influence of the drivers themselves. 

Elegant design 

Boasting the same sophisticated design lines and stunning, premium high gloss finish of the top-of the-range 300 and 500 models, the new range retains the signature aluminium front baffle plate that  made the original Concept speakers so iconic. All models arrive in three striking lacquers: black, silver  and white.

Home Cinema 

The Concept 50 5.1 speaker package delivers exquisite and absorbing home cinema sound. This set up is comprised of a pair of Concept 50 floorstanders at the front, a pair of Concept 30 standmounts  positioned at the rear, with a Concept 90 centre channel focused on dialogue. Finally, our most  powerful subwoofer, the Q B12, provides the low-end sonics. The Concept series is designed to work  in any 2.1 or 5.1 configuration should you decide to add the Concept 90 centre channel and Q B12  subwoofer to any of the range’s floorstanding or standmount models (choose from the 30, 50, 300 or  500.) 

Q Acoustics Concept 30 is priced $1,299 and is available from www.qacoustics.com (US) and local  independent dealers end of November. 

Q Acoustics Concept 50 is priced $2,999 and is available from www.qacoustics.com (US) and local  independent dealers end of November. 

Q Acoustics Concept 90 is priced $999 and is available from www.qacoustics.com (US) and local  independent dealers end of November. 

Q Acoustics Concept 50 5.1 (2x Concept 50, 2x Concept 30 1x Concept 90, 1x QB12) is priced $6,295 and is available from www.qacoustics.com (US) and local independent dealers end of November. 

Q Acoustics Q FS75 speaker stand for the Concept 30 is priced at £375/$499/€449 and is available  now from www.qacoustics.com (US) and local independent dealers.

Q Acoustics WB75 wall bracket (single) arrives in a white or black finish, priced $89 and is available  from www.qacoustics.com (US) and local independent dealers end of November. 

Technical specifications 

  Concept 30  Concept 50  Concept 90
Bass unit  1 x 125 mm (5.0 in)  2 x 125 mm (5.0 in)  2 x 125 mm (5.0 in)
Treble unit  1 x 25 mm (0.9 in)  1 x 25 mm (0.9 in)  1 x 25 mm (0.9 in)
Frequency response (-6dB)  54 Hz – 30 kHz  42 Hz – 30 kHz  67 Hz – 30 kHz
Nominal impedance  6 Ω  6 Ω  6 Ω
Minimum impedance  3.9 Ω  3.6 Ω  3.7 Ω
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1kHz)  87 dB/w/m  90.5 dB/w/m  90 dB/w/m
Recommended amplifier  power 25-100 W  25-150 W  25-150 W
Crossover frequency  2.4 kHz  2.1 kHz  2.1 kHz


(120Hz – 20kHz,  


<0.2%  <0.2%  <0.2%
Effective volume  7.0 L  28.8 L  11 L
Dimensions (per  


loudspeaker) HxWxD

284 x 180 x 319 mm (11.2 x 7.1 x 12.6 in) Inc spikes and  



1025 x 418 x 319 mm (40.4 x 16.5 x 12.6 in)  Cabinet width: 

180 mm (7.1 in)

184 x 550 x 259 mm 


(7.2 x 21.7 x 10.2 in)

Weight (per loudspeaker)  7.9 kg (17.4 lbs)  22.9 kg (50.5 lbs)  12.3 kg (27.1 lbs)

To learn more visit www.qacoustics.co.uk (UK) and www.qacoustics.com (US)  

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