Boom! Kef’s Compact New KC62 Subwoofer Packs In Twin Drivers And Big Power!

Most listening/home theater rooms are very limited on space. Especially if you live in or nearby an urban center. Because of this, it can be a challenge to integrate a quality subwoofer into your living area without it being in the way or ruining your decor.

Enter the new KC62 Subwoofer by Kef, available at retail today for $1499.99. Not only is it gorgeous, with its curved extruded aluminum cabinet, it’s also ridiculously compact, measuring only 9.68 x 10.07 x 9.76 inches.

You may be thinking, “well, it can’t possibly play that loud or deep at that size,” but the engineers at Kef have devised several new technologies to get around the size/effectiveness conundrum when it comes to subs.

Kef Uni-Core

The primary innovation employed in the KC62 is called Uni-Core, a concentric back to back driver arrangement that uses overlapping concentric voice coils tucked into one another. Those voice coils are driven by a single motor, allowing Kef to fit the twin drivers in a tiny enclosure.

It also allows a significant amount of driver excursion in that small space, which means the KC62 is designed to move a lot of air for deep bass response.

The Uni-Core tech is supported by many supplemental technologies, including Kef’s P-Flex Surround (also called Origami Surround due to its deep folds), which allows the drivers to handle a lot of power while controlling distortion. Kef also uses their Smart Distortion Control Technology, a combination of measurements and DSP, to control the drivers’ movement, further cutting down on clipping and distortion.

The KC62 also features 2 x 500w of Class-D amplification, Room EQ to match the subwoofer’s sound to your environment, and a high-pass filter, so it blends into your system. It’s available in black or white finishes, and you can order one now at or Crutchfield.

For more pics, click below:

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