#NewMusicFriday…New Record Releases You Need To Hear feat. Robohands +18 Other Artists!

(Ed. Note: Hey folks, now that we’re thru the slow period of new releases during the holidays, #New Music Friday is back! The format is the same, just a bunch of great-sounding new music we dug up…you will find it here, usually on Friday evenings…Enjoy!)

Every #NewMusicFriday, I pick a bunch of the best sounding new albums so you can get your audiophile music fix!… As usual, it’s a very eclectic mix (Albums are arranged with more traditional audiophile genres like Jazz and Blues at the top, and the non-traditional audiophile stuff towards the bottom).

There’s a lot of great stuff out this week! Here are my picks, including a funky new album from London based multi-instrumentalist Robohands! It’s called “Shapes,” and it may be his best project yet, even though his first project, “Green,” is also the “sugar honey iced tea,” so go listen to that as well. On Shapes, he does this smooth, live-recorded jazz, hip-hop thing, and it’s divine. From what I understand, he started working in the studio, then recorded the rest in his “flat” (as they say across the pond) when COVID hit. Very nice! Check it out (along with the video below), plus 18 more album picks! (Play TIDAL streams below)

Check this music out in High-Resolution Audio! Amazon Music HD-90 Days Free! 

Check this music out in High-Resolution Audio! Amazon Music HD-90 Days Free! 





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