Watch: Sonus Faber Indulges Us With Their Low-Cost, High-End Lumina Speakers

Sonus Faber, a company known for great sounding Italian speakers that double as works of art, has launched a new affordable range of speakers called Lumina.

The line consists of two compact speakers, the Lumina III floorstander (US$2199 per pair), and the Lumina I standmount (US$899 per pair) rounded out by the Lumina Center I for home theater duty (US$699/£649 each).

The collection is available in three finishes: Walnut, Wengè and Piano Black.

According to the company, the name LUMINA means “LIGHT” in Latin, but it can also be broken down to represent the essence of the line:

“LU” –LUXURY SOUND EXPERIENCE “This element symbolizes our commitment to deliver a luxury music experience in all Sonus faber homes, which is facilitated through our longstanding tradition of refined materials and careful craftsmanship.”

“MI” –MINIMALIST DESIGN “The second two letters stand for minimalist. This principal of minimalism directly captures the essence of the product, which was thoughtfully designed in conjunction with the theory “less is more.” The new collection comprises the core values of Sonus faber and the precious materials that identify the brand, such as real multilayer wood and leather and combines them with incredible performance in a simple yet
luxurious design.

“NA” –NATURAL SOUND “Finally, the last two letters embody the natural sound reproduction and Voice of Sonus faber. The Lumina electro-acoustic project is targeting solutions designed for modern lifestyles and various listening environments, without compromising performance.”

What that boils down to is that Sonus Faber is migrating the luxury design and full, rich sound of their pricer high-end offerings into a lower-cost design. From what I can see, they have done a great job from an aesthetics standpoint, using real wood veneer and leather in most models.

I can’t wait to hear how they sound. Based on the drivers involved, starting with the large dome tweeter taken from the more expensive Sonetto series combined with the custom paper pulp cone drivers, I would think they sound amazing.

Watch the groovy video below to appreciate the luxury design of these low-cost high-end speakers:

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