The Tremendous Q Acoustics 3030i Bookshelf Speaker In The House: First Impressions And Unboxing Pics!

If you read this site regularly, you know I have a thing for budget mini-monitor speakers. So I’m always excited to get a new pair in the house.

Back in January, Britain’s Q Acoustics announced they were releasing the 3030i bookshelf speaker, a larger version of their popular 3020i bookshelf to which I‌ gave a near-perfect rating.

They promised the 3030i would provide an enhanced bass response while maintaining the overall control and slick aesthetics of the original. This extra low end, of course, comes with a cost, meaning the 3030i is priced at $399 or $100 above the 3020i in the U.S.

Well, I‌ finally got my hands on a pair (they are also in stores, BTW)‌ , and I‌ can’t wait to put them through their paces. The first thing I‌ noticed upon taking them out of the box was how light and slender they were (From the pics, I expected something massive and heavy). For a speaker with a 6.5-inch woofer, they are relatively compact. (They are deeper than most speakers, however.)

I‌ no longer have the smaller 3020i in house, but judging from memory, the 3030i doesn’t seem to be much bigger.‌ As stated in the marketing material, the overall design is identical to its little brother.

One of the things I‌ loved about the 3020i was their control and refinement, especially for a $300 speaker. I’m itching to find out if the engineers at Q‌ Acoustics were able to maintain the control and balance of the smaller speaker while adding a little weight at the bottom. (BTW, the 3030i has the same foam port bungs that came with the 3020i so that you can make adjustments that way.)‌

As an audiophile, I‌ believe when it comes to hi-fi presentation, sins of omission are preferred over sins of commission. That means I‌’d rather have a speaker that’s a little bit thin on the bottom end but gets everything else right, as opposed to one that serves up un-natural boomy bass.

Where does the 3030i fall?‌ Well, stay tuned for my review to get my full thoughts, but I‌ must say upfront, the bass goes DEEP! Make sure to follow us on Social Media (Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram) to receive an update when we publish it!

First Impressions:

  • Slim, light, and relatively compact
  • Same slick modern design as the rest of the series
  • DEEP‌‌ BASS!


  • 3030i is designed to deliver bassy, hard-hitting yet beautifully poised sound from a compact, discreet cabinet
  • Featuring a 165mm (6.5 inches) mid/bass driver developed from the powerful 3050i floorstander, along with an optimized motor, 3030i has bass extension and control superior to that of any nominal rival
  • As with the rest of the 3000i range, the 3030i features magnetic grilles and an attractive chrome finish around each driver
  • Amplified Power  25 – 75 W
  • Crossover Frequency   2.4 kHz

Where To Buy:

Click Here To Buy: AMAZON-Q Acoustics 3030i Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Unboxing Pics:‌


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