France’s Triangle Just Unveiled Their New Budget Speakers…And They’re Alluring!

French speaker manufacturer Triangle isn’t really known for their budget offerings, even though they have products at all price points. But their new line, called Borea, looks to change that by raising the bar for entry-level performance.

From the press release:

Affordable loudspeakers with no compromise, the Borea range delivers a clear vocal and midrange performance combined with punchy and controlled bass. The cabinets and driver membranes are inspired by previous Triangle technological developments and benefit from the acoustic innovations developed in the Esprit Ez series.

The Borea range has three floorstanding models, two standmounters, and a center channel speaker for home theater setups. Finishes will be Black Ash, Walnut, and White, and they will have magnetic grilles for a clean appearance.

Initially, only four models will be available in the United States, and they will be the following:

• BR08 : Floorstanding speaker 3 ways – 4 drivers – $1399/ per pair

• BR03 : Bookshelf speaker 2 ways – 2 drivers – $549/ per pair

• BR02 : Bookshelf speaker 2 ways – 2 drivers -$449/ per pair

• BRC1 : Center‌ Channel speaker 2 ways – 3 drivers – $349/per piece

The BOREA Loudspeaker Line

All of them will have soft dome tweeters deployed in a new deep waveguide/phase plug configuration called EFS‌ (Efficient Flow System), which is said to provide better off-axis performance and clearer treble.

The BOREA Tweeter

They will also have midrange drivers handed down from the highly regarded Esprit EZ speakers with membranes made out of 100% natural cellulose paper. These are said to remove coloration from the middle frequencies.

Along with those drivers, the Floorstanding speakers will also have additional fiberglass drivers for the low end. All speakers in the Borea line will also employ special MDF‌ bracing with foam gaskets to keep vibration to a minimum.

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