ELAC is back with new Uni-Fi Reference Hi-Fi Audiophile Speakers!

Following the release of their Uni-Fi 2.0 and Debut Reference speakers which came out in 2019 and 2020, ELAC has a brand new speaker line that combines a lot of the tech that made them successful.

The new line is called Uni-Fi Reference, and it’s comprised of three models, starting with the UBR62 Bookshelf ($999.98 / pair), the UCR52 Center Channel Speaker ($599.98 / each), and the UFR52 Floorstander ($999.98 / each)

All of them are 3-Way models, utilizing a similar concentric midrange/tweeter setup to the Uni-Fi 2.0 line. They also have a dual flared slot port, a feature that first made an appearance on the Debut Reference line.

Besides those technologies, they also have a batch of new features including the following:

  • New and Improved Aesthetics for maximum style 
  •  Upgraded 3-Way Design with new cast-chassis midrange 
  •  Improved Crossover for better driver integration 
  •  All-New Full Perimeter Bracing for reduced cabinet coloration 
  •  All-New Dual Flared Slot Vents for Improved Bass Dynamics 
  •  New Aluminum Cone Bass Drivers  with Cast Chassis

The New Uni-Fi Reference Line is set to ship at the end of this month and is available for pre-order now.

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