Buchardt Audio Unveils Tantalizing New Version Of Celebrated S400 Speaker

Through a stealth marketing campaign comprised primarily of influencer reviews and word of mouth, the Buchardt Audio S400 speaker has gained tremendous popularity amongst audiophiles.

But this hasn’t stopped Buchardt from announcing a new and improved version of the S400, called the S400 SIGNATURE EDITION. The new version comes in a Raw Nordic Oak finish and is said to have several internal improvements including the following specified by the manufacturer:

✓ Improved Crossover: The Signature is equipped with an High-End crossover made by the Danish Jantzen Audio team. We use Superior caps for the tweeter network and Cross caps for the woofer network. All inductors are baked air coils for low distortion. Resistors are Superres 1% tolerance.

✓ HDF cabinet construction for improved stiffness.

✓ Internal Silver wires with teflon isolation.

✓ Custom acid treated terminal plate made from solid brass with brass screws.

With upgraded crossover components, new internal Silver wiring, and a stiffer cabinet, there is clearly potential for an improved sound. The original model’s strong suits of deep bass, dynamics, and soundstage should see some refinement, plus the midrange, which I felt was a weakness, could be improved as well.

These enhancements will cost an additional 850 euro (about $945 US) above the price of the standard model, for a total of 2,460.00 euro or $2733 US.

The S400 SIGNATURE EDITION will have a limited release of 25 pairs. They will be available on the website on January 2nd at 20:00 CET. (2 PM Eastern in the U.S.) For more info, visit https://www.buchardtaudio.com/shop/s400-signature-edition.




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