2023 Products Of The Year (So Far)-The Best Budget Audiophile Gear

Discover the top budget audiophile gear of 2023 with our comprehensive guide. Find the best products that deliver exceptional sound quality without breaking the bank.

For audiophiles, achieving high-quality sound with affordable gear can be challenging. However, we’ve discovered some exceptional equipment during the initial six months of 2023 that is both affordable and refined. We are excited to showcase these great products for you! This article will explore the best budget audiophile gear released in 2023 thus far.

Best Budget Audiophile Gear: Headphones

Comfort and Refinement: Technics EAH-AZ80 ($299)

Best Budget Audiophile Gear

These headphones are the latest and greatest wireless earbuds from Technics, and they offer excellent noise cancellation and class-leading sound quality. They are also very comfortable to wear due to their new earpiece construction. The LDAC “Hi-Res Wireless” codec also provides additional resolution when connected to a compatible Android device. They may not offer head tracking and spatial audio like the new Sony buds, but they sound more refined. (Full Review)

We Can’t Believe These Are Less Than $50: SIMGOT EW200 ($39.99)

This striking new metal earphone from Simgot utilizes some advanced technologies for its price point, such as double-magnetic dual-cavity dynamics and a double-sided vapor deposition SCP silicon crystal diaphragm. These features, initially reserved for their flagship model, provide exceptional sound quality and make the EW200 a great option in the Budget IEM segment. It gives a realistic listening experience replicating the feeling of being present during a live performance. With the EW200, SIMGOT offers an impressive product in this price range.

Best Budget Audiophile Gear: Speakers

New And Improved: SVS Prime Wireless Pro ($899)

Best Budget Audiophile Gear

While we loved the original SVS Prime Wireless system, we also wished it had more bass. Well, SVS has answered our prayers with a “Pro” version of the Prime Wireless, which has a larger woofer for enhanced bass response. Because of this, these remarkable powered bookshelf speakers offer excellent sound quality for the price.

With a 200-watt amplifier, 192kHz/24-bit DAC, and digital crossover, they deliver a powerful, clear sound with deep, articulate bass. They also support wireless streaming of lossless High-Resolution audio through WiFi, with compatibility for DTS Play-Fi, Apple Airplay 2, and Chromecast. Additionally, this system can connect via Bluetooth for easy pairing with smartphones and tablets. They are also very well-built and come with a subwoofer output, so you can add even more bass if you wish.

Bigger and Better: Andover Audio Spinbase Max ($499)

The Andover Audio SpinBase system, a remarkable setup that delivers high-quality sound from your turntable without a complex installation, has impressed us since its launch in 2019. Its ability to produce rich sound while isolating the turntable placed on top is awe-inspiring.

That said, its successor, the SpinBase MAX, truly takes the formula to the next level. Priced at $499, this next-generation system introduces Bluetooth input and output, increased power, and larger bass drivers to enhance sound quality further. This is a well-built, high-quality speaker that offers remarkable sound in a compact size. Its sleek and stylish design will complement any home decor. (Full Review)

Best Budget Audiophile Gear: Music Players/Streamers

Best Music Streamer Under $500: Wiim Pro Multiroom Streamer ($149)

Best Budget Audiophile Gear

The Wiim Pro Wireless Music Streamer is a fantastic choice for wireless music streaming. It’s easy to set up and offers top-notch audio quality. The device’s Multi-Room audio capability is perfect for families or roommates.

With a wide range of connections and sources (AirPlay 2, Chromecast Audio, DLNA for NAS streaming, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, and more) to choose from, along with an impressive companion app, the Wiim Pro is definitely worth its price. For those looking for an affordable wireless music streamer, the Wiim Pro is the best option for under $500! For a few dollars less, you can get the Wiim Mini, which does a lot of the same stuff but has fewer connections. I recommend the Pro if you can swing it tho. They also work great together. (Full Review)

Mighty Mite: Shanling M1S Digital Audio Player ($229)

The Shanling M1S is a compact digital audio player that packs a powerful punch in terms of sound quality, functionality, and design. The sound is remarkably detailed, with plenty of depth and separation. Designed for audiophiles constantly on the move, the M1S boasts a superior DAC chipset, powerful amplifier chips, and advanced features that will surely impress. In addition, it now has Tidal onboard as of the latest firmware update. You get a lot for your money with this mini powerhouse; be sure to check it out if you need a compact player that’s jam-packed with features. (Full Review)

Best Budget Audiophile Gear: DACs and Amps

A Jetpack for your High-End IEMs: iFi Go Pod ($399)

Best Budget Audiophile Gear

The iFi Audio GO Pod is an exceptional device that offers crystal-clear audio quality for high-end in-ear monitor (IEM) users. It supports Hi-Res 96kHz/24bits with LDAC and Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound codecs, ensuring an excellent wireless listening experience. With its interchangeable connectors and detachable ear loops, it is compatible with most IEM manufacturers.

The well-designed charging case provides up to 35 hours of playback time, with 7 hours per charge. The GO Pod is built to last, comfortable to wear, and easy to operate with responsive touch controls. While it isn’t cheap at $400, it is an impressive product with a wired-like listening experience. If you’re looking to go wireless with your expensive IEMs, the iFi Audio GO Pod is the only way to go. (Full Review)

A Hi-Res Swiss Army Knife: DoBlue SLASH6 ($169)

The SLASH6 Bluetooth Receiver is a highly versatile and high-quality audio product that is compatible with any audio system. It acts as a Bluetooth receiver, a plug-and-play USB DAC, and a DAC/headphone amp, delivering crisp sound from any source. This compact device is perfect for those who want to upgrade their existing Bluetooth or add digital capabilities to their amplifier. With exceptional audio quality and versatility, the SLASH6 is a Bluetooth receiver/DAC worth considering. (Full Review)

So these are some of the top budget audiophile devices released so far this year. With this remarkable collection, there’s no reason not to enhance your audio setup and enjoy superior sound quality.

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