DoBlue SLASH6 Review: A Game-Changing Bluetooth 5.1 Receiver & USB DAC Amp

SLASH6 Bluetooth 5.1 & USB DAC Receiver

$169 (+ Additional 5% off w/coupon)
SLASH6 Bluetooth 5.1 & USB DAC Receiver







What We Dig

  • Good Build Quality
  • Remarkable Detail and Separation
  • Ease Of Use

What To Think About

  • Can Be A Little Too Forward In Some Situations

This powerful Bluetooth 5.1 receiver and USB DAC will revolutionize your audio setup. Read our DoBlue SLASH6 review to learn more!


Hailing from Korea, the $169 DoBlue SLASH6 Bluetooth 5.1 & USB DAC Receiver is a novel device newly released in the U.S., designed to enhance your audio experience. Its Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and USB DAC capabilities promise high-quality, high-resolution sound playback.

What’s In The Box

DoBlue SLASH6 Review
  • USB (Type C) CABLE
  • Optical Cable
  • Female RCA Adapters
  • User’s Manual


Bluetooth ChipsetQualcomm QCC 5125
Bluetooth Version     5.1
Bluetooth ProfileA2DP,AVRCP
CodecLDAC, AptX Adaptive, AptX HD, AptX LL, AptX, AAC, SBC
Operation RangeWithin 10 meter
Quad DAC ES9219PQuad DAC ES9219
PCM Support384Khz, 32Bit
Frequency20 ~ 20,000Hz
OP Amp(LPF)1692
USB DAC~96Khz, 24Bit
Audio OutputRCA(2.7Vrms)
Headphone Output3.5mm(1.0Vrms)
Audio Input3.5mm(1.0Vrms)
Optical Input3.5mm
Optical Output3.5mm
Power InputUSB Type-C
LED Light by CodecLDAC (White)
AptX Adaptive (Sky blue)
Aptx (Blue)
Aptx-HD (Green)
AAC (Violet)
SBC (Yellow)
USB DAC (Yellow green)

DoBlue SLASH6 Review: Features/Design

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The SLASH6 Bluetooth Receiver is a versatile audio device designed to let you enjoy high-quality Bluetooth audio streaming from your smartphone. It combines the capabilities of Qualcomm’s latest BT chipset QCC5125, which comes with several high data rate Bluetooth audio codecs (LDAC, AptX HD, and Aptx Adaptive) and ESS’s brand new Quad DAC Chip, the ES9219.

Regarding build quality, the unit seems to be well put together, with no loose buttons or connectors. I also didn’t detect any gaps in the construction that would cause concern. Keep in mind, the unit is almost entirely made of plastic, so I wouldn’t toss it around too much, but the quality of the material seems good enough to withstand most everyday knocks and bumps.

The SLASH6 has a unique design, incorporating RCA connectors directly into the rear of the housing. This allows the device to connect directly to various audio systems, including hi-fi receivers, amplifiers, and even some headphone amps. You can even use it to add Bluetooth to an older car stereo.

From there, the SLASH6 can output high-resolution audio into any connected device. If, for some reason, it can’t plug directly into the device, then you can use the included adapters to connect it via a standard RCA cable.

In addition, the SLASH6 has both a 3.5mm digital optical input and output on the front for additional flexibility. Those same connections also double as analog input and headphone output, respectively. Next to the connectors is a multi-function button with an LED light built-in, which designates the input in use, and lets you initiate Bluetooth pairing.

Along with being a Bluetooth Receiver, the SLASH6 is a plug-and-play USB DAC that supports up to 24bit/96kHz PCM conversion using a USB cable connected to your computer. This makes it easy to use on laptops, PCs, tablets, and other devices to enjoy full high-resolution sound.

DoBlue SLASH6 Review

Coupled with the connections on the front of the unit, SLASH6 has a feature that automatically switches inputs when you play a source. This way, you can connect different audio and video sources to your device and enjoy them seamlessly.

For example, playing a Bluetooth signal while using the USB DAC will auto-switch to the wireless signal. Then if you connect your TV or CD Transport to the optical IN port on your device and play something, it will automatically switch to that input. Once you’re done with the optical in, the unit switches back to Bluetooth and waits for a signal.

Power is supplied to the SLASH6 via the USB-C input on the front, so you must always have a USB cable connected, even if you’re not using the USB DAC function. That said, if you’re planning to get power from a USB power wall adapter (not included), the included USB cable may not be long enough to reach your outlet. It’s a nice quality cable for use with a computer, however.

Overall, I’m impressed by all the well-thought-out functionality that DoBlue has packed into this compact unit. Everything works as advertised and is remarkably smooth to boot.

DoBlue SLASH6 Review: Sound

For this review, I plugged the SLASH6 into the Audiolab 6000A Play Integrated Amplifier and the EarMen CH-Amp Headphone Amplifier. I mostly played TIDAL music from my Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra via LDAC Bluetooth, but I also used it as a USB DAC connected to my HP Envy Laptop. I also played TIDAL tracks from there.

Additionally, I connected a pair of Focal Elear headphones directly to the headphone output on the front of the SLASH6 and played some more TIDAL tracks via LDAC Bluetooth.

No matter the setup, I was impressed by the clarity and depth of the SLASH6, especially when using Bluetooth. I’ve never heard such a compact device provide such a refined sound via LDAC. Most of the time, USB or battery-powered Bluetooth units tend to be noisy and lack separation.

However, the SLASH6 had an amazingly quiet background, and the separation was really good for a $160 DAC/Bluetooth Receiver that fits in the palm of your hand. It actually sounded better than many mains power desktop units I’ve heard.

DoBlue SLASH6 Review

Listening to “It’s A Man’s World” by Abraham Rodriguez Jr. & Avishai Cohen, I was astonished by the layering and focus I got from the SLASH6. This track has several singers harmonizing over a backing of fast conga drums and upright bass, and this Bluetooth DAC presented each instrument and each vocal in its own space, and not only that, it was able to place them precisely from back to front.

In addition, I loved how well it presented the attack and decay of each tone. It fleshed out the music to a remarkable extent.

That said, I have to mention, this unit does have a somewhat forward perspective. Additionally, it’s also somewhat analytical. With some songs and with specific gear, I found it to be a bit aggressive. Because of this, I feel careful system pairing is necessary. To me, it sounded best connected to warmer, more laid-back setups.

DoBlue SLASH6 Review: Conclusion

Overall, the SLASH6 Bluetooth Receiver is an excellent product for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality audio on all manner of devices. In addition, its versatility makes it compatible with just about any audio system.

In reality, it’s an audiophile Swiss Army knife ready to pull pristine audio from just about any source you can think of. As a result, you get remarkably crisp sound, whether you use it as a Bluetooth Reciever, a plug-and-play USB DAC, or a DAC/Headphone Amp.

For those who have an amplifier without digital capabilities, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing Bluetooth, this is a quick and easy way to do that. In addition, because the unit is so compact, you can hide it out of sight and not worry about finding space for another large component.

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth receiver/DAC that provides exceptional audio quality and versatility, the SLASH6 is definitely worth considering.

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