The Best Home Audio & Hi-Fi Deals You Can Grab Right Now: Speakers, Headphones, And Electronics! 6-17-21

Looking for the best in discounted audio equipment? We’ve got you covered! From speakers to headphones, hi-fi electronics to hi-fi accessories, we’ll find you the lowest prices available online.

We have used our experience evaluating Hi-fi gear to round up some of Home Audio’s best values and deals! This week, you’ll find some great prices on top-rated speakers from Triangle, Sony, and Polk Audio plus a great integrated amp from Audiolab. We also have excellent earphones by Technics, and headphones by Phillips.

Check out our full list of picks!

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Polk Audio Legend L100 Bookshelf Speakers (pair) $999.00 $799.00

“Sound so big, you’ll wonder ‘where is the rest of the speaker?’ There’s no going back to traditional bookshelf speakers after you hear the L100’s. These Polk Legend bookshelf speakers deliver deep effortless bass, amazingly smooth and detailed mid-range (the hallmark of the Legend Series) and ultra-clear and precise imaging.”

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Polk Audio Legend L200 Bookshelf Speakers (pair) $1,499.00 $1,199.00

“The L200 is the premium bookshelf speaker in the Legend series that demands to be heard. Feel the energy as you are transported to the front row of a live rock concert or to enjoy the intimacy of your favorite jazz trio.”

Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) – Black $148.00 $118.00

“Introducing a speaker series versatile enough to deliver an unprecedented and real audio experience, and with a soundstage so expansive you can feel the energy and passion of the original performance, all while staying in harmony with your existing living spaces-no special listening room or setup required.”

ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers, Black $349.98 $251.14

“Improving on the original Debut B6 speaker with accolades from the global press and awards from industry professionals-was not an easy task. But constant improvement is what we do at ELAC, and the Debut B6.2 raises the bar for bookshelf performance higher than ever before. Any competition It has starts at many times its price.”

MONITOR AUDIO Bronze Series 1 2 Way Bookshelf Speakers $279.00 $229.95

“Monitor Audio optimized and tuned the diminutive Bronze 1 bookshelf speaker to be the most accurate of any Bronze generation mini, imbuing the design with true ‘monitor’ status. The 5-1/2″ C-CAM bass driver has been created to out-perform a larger conventional driver and results in a cleaner, more dynamic delivery, even at high power levels.”

triangle HiFi Bookshelf Speakers – Borea BR03, Walnut, Pair $549.00 $456.87

“The Borea range, inheritor of the Esprit Ez technological innovations, also incorporates a midrange driver with a membrane made out of 100% natural cellulose paper, receiving no surface treatment. This paper membrane, unique to TRIANGLE, avoids any coloration of the intermediate frequencies, and transposes the voices with stunning realism and tonality.In an ongoing pursuit of excellence.”

KEF Q750 Floorstanding Speaker (Each, Black) $799.99 $684.80

“The remarkable Q Series floorstanding speakers excel when space is limited. Featuring the signature KEF Uni-Q driver array the Q750s deliver detailed natural sound with high clarity and tight bass. A powerful 6.5 in. Uni-Q driver complemented by a 6.5 in. woofer and two 6.5 in. ABRs deliver music with stunning detail and emotion. Perfect for movies or music, capable of deep bass and astounding impact.”


Audiolab 6000A 100-watt Stereo Integrated Amp/Bluetooth DAC $999.00 $899.99

“An amplifier remains the beating heart of any high-performance audio system, but in 2018 a truly versatile integrated amp needs to cover many bases – digital and analogue sources, wireless connectivity for portable devices, a phono stage to cater for vinyl playback, amplification for headphones as well as speakers… That’s a lot to pack in, whilst keeping performance high and the price tag affordable – and yet, that’s exactly what the 6000A delivers.”

Audiolab 6000N Wi-Fi Audio Streaming Player/Internet Tuner $649.00 $449.00

“The Audiolab 6000N Play is a wireless audio streaming player and is the latest member of the acclaimed Audiolab 6000 Series of components. Featuring DTS Play-Fi Technology music can be streamed over your wireless network in high-resolution format and can be easily expanded to a multi-room system if required. You can stream from any source on your wireless network including smart-phones tablets or PCs as well as a NAS Drive.”

YAMAHA R-N303BL Stereo Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Phono $349.95 $299.95

“From your smartphone, networked audio, streaming services, or just the TV — enjoy Hi-Fi quality, with exceptional sonic integrity on everything you hear. Open new dimensions of clarity with the R-N303.”

Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500 Wi-Fi Turntable (Piano Black) $699.95 $499.95

“This high quality turntable allows you to stream your records and other music services like Spotify and Pandora wirelessly to other MusicCast speakers without the hassle and mess of cables.The VINYL 500’s Wi-Fi capability ensures high quality streaming sound throughout your house to other MusicCast devices. To reduce noise from vibration, the VINYL 500 features a straight tonearm and belt-drive motor, providing high quality sound throughout your home.”


Technics True Wireless Earbuds with Industry-Leading Noise Cancelling $249.99 $164.99

“MUSIC AS IT’S MEANT TO BE HEARD: Large 10mm drivers and graphene-coated diaphragm deliver rich, expansive sound with smooth, detailed highs and tight, articulate bass to hear music as it was intended.”

Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone $148.99 $126.64

“Fidelio X2HR integrates iconic design matched with an impeccably clear and detailed sound range. With the Philips Fidelio X2HR, immerse yourself in the experience of your own personal concert right at home.”

Andover Audio PM-50 Planar Headphones $499.00 $199.00

“The PM-50 offers an audiophile-grade listening experience to music enthusiasts in a luxurious, yet reasonably-priced package.”

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