Beauty And The Beast! This Retro-Styled Portable Music Player Has Some Eye-Opening Specs!

Shanling Audio’s new Q1 Portable Music Player may have throwback styling, but its specs are far from old-fashioned.

The Q1 takes design cues from old 50s appliances, with rounded corners, pastel colors, and chrome accents. The look is reminiscent of an old TV set.

Despite the retro look, the Q1 has a state of the art spec sheet, including a touch-screen, ESS Sabre DAC chip, two way Bluetooth, plus compatibility with aptX and LDAC wireless audio codecs.

It can function as a USB‌ DAC for a laptop or as a Bluetooth DAC/Headphone Amp for playback from a smartphone without a headphone jack.

The Q1 is currently available via a Kickstarter campaign that launched yesterday and ends January 15th. The $79 Early Bird offer is already fully backed, but you can still get in at the $89 tier. The MSRP‌ will be $119 once the campaign is over.

Key Features:
– Unique retro design
– Powerful Hi-fi DAC/AMP ESS Sabre ES9218P chip
– MTouch 3.0 OS developed by Shanling
– Bluetooth connection to headphones, using LDAC, aptX, AAC
– Bluetooth receiver mode for use with smartphones and tablets
– Bluetooth transmitter function when used with computer
– Hi-Res audio support
– Expandable memory – Micro SD card slot
– USB DAC/AMP function for use with a computer
– Digital USB output for use with standalone DACs
– Pocket-friendly size
– Durable Zinc Alloy construction
– Hardware buttons and volume wheel
– Battery life up to 21 hours
Included in packaging – USB-C cable and silicone case in matching color

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