Album Of The Week: Helado Negro And The Smile Band- “Live at KCRW”

This week’s album of the week is a new album called “Live at KCRW” from an electronic artist named Helado Negro and his band called Smile. His real name is Roberto Carlos Lange, and this project is a live adaption of six songs from his awesome sixth album called “This Is How You Smile”. I loved that album when it came out earlier this year but this live version takes it up another notch. The funky guitar and lush vocals really draw you in, and the sonics are amazing. Check it out and thank me later! (Tidal Stream Below)

From the website:

In this living offering, six songs from Helado Negro’s most recent and widely embraced album are encouraged to a global sound stage from the intimacy of Lange’s studio embrace, swaddled in the comfortable delight of accomplished musicianship and amiable collaboration. Live At KCRW serenades like a surreal sonnet in a morning dream, or an impromptu family singalong on a sunset road trip.

The beloved musical and lyrical themes of This Is How You Smile are revisited, if not revitalized, in the kindling of new arrangements, welcoming listeners across the hearth of the Helado Negro home. Invocations of love, protection, and healing, tributes to maternal and ancestral journeying, and the universal appeal to “take care of one another” are flourished with the human quality of live vocal harmonization and a hybrid of acoustic and synthesized instrumentation.

Check this album out in High-Resolution Audio! Amazon Music HD-90 Days Free!!

Check this album out in High-Resolution Audio! Amazon Music HD-90 Days Free!!

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