Album Of The Week: Sara Gazarek-“Thirsty Ghost”

This week’s Album Of The Week is a Jazz Vocal gem from an artist named Sara Gazarek. I’ve been following this LA-based Jazz vocalist since 2005 when she released a beautiful album entitled Yours. On that project, she introduced the world to her clear as a bell vocal and bewitching production, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Last week, she released her sixth album, “Thirsty Ghost” which may be her best project yet. She’s not reinventing the wheel here, but this should be seen as a fine-tuning of a style she has honed over many years. She covers material from many different genres here, some expected and some unexpected, but none of her interpretations is pedestrian.  What a great sounding album. Check it out and thank me later! Favorite songs: “Never Will I Marry”, “Cocoon”

Amazon: “Thirsty Ghost”-Sara Gazarek

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