Album Of The Week: MWENSO & THE SHAKES – “Emergence (The Process Of Coming Into Being)”

This week’s album of the week is one I can’t get enough of…It’s called “Emergence (The Process Of Coming Into Being)” which is a title so cool I knew the album would be right before I even heard it. It’s from a group called MWENSO & THE SHAKES, a global collective from just about every place you can name, but now their Homebase is Harlem, New York.

They have a brand of Jazz that is modern and uplifting, incorporating a funky band with three vocalists and a Tap dancer! From what I’ve read, their live performances are both exuberant and dynamic, something quite evident in this recording from a Baltimore club set. It sounds like you’re sitting in the front row. Check it out, you won’t be sorry! Favorite Song: “Sweet Thing” (TIDAL Stream Below)

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