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Meze Audio To Showcase Their Enchanting Flagship Headphones At CanJam NYC 2022

This upcoming Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 26th and 27th), Meze Audio will be displaying their latest Flagship headphones, the Meze Elite and Meze Liric, at Head-Fi’s CanJam NYC 2022. CanJam is the largest multi-city audio

Ye (Kanye West) Says Donda 2 Album Only Available On Stem Player, A $200 Squishy DAP With No Screen

So it looks like Ye’s (Kanye West) new album Donda 2 will be released on schedule (2-22-22) unlike the first one, but there is a slight catch. According to Ye’s Instagram, the new album will

Austrian Audio Hi-X65 Headphones Review: Are These The Best Portable Open-Back Headphones?

TD;LR The Austrian Audio Hi-X65 should please anyone looking for well-built open-back portable headphones with a neutral sound signature. Intro In 2016, pro audio mainstay AKG moved their headquarters to California, shuttering their Vienna facilities.

HIFIMAN Edition XS Planar Magnetic Headphone Review: Now This Changes Things! (Incl. Ananda And Sundara Comps.)

I’ve been around long enough to remember when getting a Planar Magnetic headphone under $1000 was unheard of. Now, Hifiman has more models than you can count, especially if you include the Drop variants. I’m

Philips Fidelio T1 True Wireless Earbuds Review: Luxury Build, Audiophile Chops, Acceptable Noise Cancelling

The True Wireless Earbud market is a highly competitive one. It takes a unique product to cut through the armada of earphones constantly launched at consumers, and Philips, with their new $299 Fidelio T1 High-Quality

METERS OV-1-B-Connect Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones Review: Eye-Catching Looks, Middling Sound & Comfort

TL;DR The OV-1-B-CONNECT’s fabulous looks and detailed sound are somewhat let down by so-so comfort and heavy-handed tuning. Intro For most audiophiles, wireless headphones usually compromise sonic fidelity for convenience. However, with the $269 Meters

The Long-Awaited Chord Mojo 2 DAC/Headphone Amp Is Here: Release Date, Features & Price!

Today Chord Electronics unveiled the Mojo 2, a sequel to one of the first and most highly esteemed portable DAC/Amps ever made. The latest Mojo boasts a new lossless “UHD DSP” EQ that allows you

Zorloo’s Zophia Hybrid Wired/Wireless Earphone Is Hot On Kickstarter!

Zorloo, a company mostly known for its excellent USB DACs like the Ztella and Ztella II, is back again with a new True Wireless/Wired product called the Zophia Wire.less Earphone. It launched today on Kickstarter

HIFIMAN Electronics Debuts New R9 Closed-Back Dynamic Driver Headphone

HIFIMAN unveils new $599 R9 Closed-Back Dynamic Driver Headphone, supports both single and dual-sided cables along with their R2R Bluemini Bluetooth Dongle-available now at The following press release is courtesy of HIFIMAN Electronics: HIFIMAN

Linsoul Audio/HarmonicDyne Poseidon Review: These Handsome Headphones Know How To Get Down!

Intro The Linsoul Audio/HarmonicDyne Poseidon ($439.00) is third in the line of wood cup HarmonicDyne headphones, each named after a Greek god. The first one was Helios, followed by Zeus. The Zeus headphones featured drivers

HIFIMAN’s Long-Anticipated Edition XS Planar Magnetic Headphones Get Official Debut

Hifiman’s new affordable Edition XS Planar Magnetic headphones ($499) are now available at select retailers, more info and pics are below: The following is courtesy of Hifiman Electronics: HIFIMAN Debuts Long-Anticipated Edition XS Edition XS

Philips Sound Unveils New Premium True Wireless Earbuds With Dual Hybrid Drivers!

Last night, at CES in Vegas, Philips Sound gave the first demo of their soon-to-be-released T1 True Wireless Earbuds. Marketed under their Fidelio premium audio brand, the T1 is said to have the brand’s signature

Tin HiFi P1 Plus Planar-Magnetic IEM Review: These Attractive Earphones Are Impressive!

I’m a big fan of planar magnetic headphones. They give you presence and detail not possible with most dynamic driver models. Usually, this does come at the expense of some bottom-end punch, but for someone

Technics’ New EAH-A800 Noise Cancelling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Boast High-Resolution Audio With 50 Hours Of Playback!

Today, Technics unveiled the $349 EAH-A800 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones, a new premium set of Bluetooth earphones that promise industry-leading battery life (up to 50 hours), class-leading active noise canceling, and LDAC Hi-Res wireless audio.

Product Of The Year Awards 2021: Best Headphones, Headphone Amps, & Portable Audio

Hey folks! Well…we’ve made it through another year! It’s been a tough one with Covid-19 ravaging the planet once again, but that hasn’t stopped us from checking out some of the best affordable high-end audio.