Dekoni Seeks To Elevate Your Audio Experience at CanJam NYC 2024

Upgrade your audio knowledge! Learn how earpads impact sound at Dekoni’s CanJam NYC 2024 seminar. Plus, try their latest gear.

Dekoni, the renowned earpad and accessories specialist (read our review of their new Cobalt headphone), is set to make a splash at CanJam NYC 2024. They want you to experience the transformative power of their meticulously designed earpads and attend an exclusive seminar that delves into how these seemingly simple components can significantly enhance your listening experience.

Driving the News:

  • Expansive Product Showcase: Explore Dekoni’s wide-ranging collection of replacement earpads and ear tips, each crafted to optimize specific headphones and in-ear monitors.
  • “Ear Pads As Critical Acoustical Devices” Seminar: Join Dekoni’s Co-Founder and COO, Tal Kocen, for an in-depth discussion on earpad design and its profound impact on sound quality.

Why It Matters:

CanJam NYC 2024
  • Hands-On Experience: Discover firsthand how Dekoni’s upgrades can refine the comfort and audio performance of your headphones.
  • Uncover the Science of Sound: The seminar offers insight into the complex relationship between earpads, headphone design, and the sound you hear.

Highlights from the Press Release

  • Dekoni emphasizes the importance of in-person events like CanJam to connect with the passionate audio community.
  • Attendees will learn how earpads can either preserve or even improve the intended sound of their favorite headphones.

What is CanJam NYC 2024?

CanJam NYC 2024 is the premier event for headphone and personal audio enthusiasts. Explore cutting-edge sound technology, demo the finest headphones and in-ear monitors, attend insightful seminars, and network with industry leaders. Get ready to elevate your listening experience! The event takes place Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10, 2024, at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York.

Overall Impressions

Dekoni’s presence at CanJam 2024 is a must for audiophiles seeking to maximize their listening experience. Whether you want to try their products or gain expert knowledge on the often underestimated importance of earpads, Dekoni promises an engaging and informative event. Visit Dekoni’s booth at CanJam NYC 2024, and don’t miss Tal Kocen’s seminar, “Ear Pads As Critical Acoustical Devices,” on March 9th at 4:00 PM.

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