iFi Audio Raises the Bar: GO Bar Kensei Promises Unmatched Detail on the Go

Elevate your listening on the go! The iFi GO Bar Kensei is the world’s first ultraportable DAC with K2HD, restoring audio to studio-quality.

iFi Audio, known for its innovative portable audio devices, has launched the GO Bar Kensei, a cutting-edge ultraportable DAC/amp combo. The GO Bar Kensei is the world’s first to integrate JVC Kenwood’s K2HD Technology, promising enhanced fidelity and a closer listening experience to the original studio masters.

According to JVC Kenwood, while digital recordings have clarity, they can sometimes lack emotional depth. Engineers at Victor Studio sought a solution to bridge the emotional gap between original masters and digital sub-masters. They then compared the two recordings and developed K2 Technology to make them sound identical. This K2HD processing is said to add rich harmonics and an organic quality to the digital sound, revitalizing the studio recording and infusing it with life once again.

Key Features

  • K2HD Technology: This advanced processing aims to restore detail that can be lost during the digital recording process, offering a more accurate and natural reproduction of the original music.
  • Enhanced Circuitry: Refined power and clock circuits contribute to a wider soundstage, greater detail, and a stronger bass response compared to earlier GO Bar models.
  • Customization Options: Four digital filters and both XBass+ and XSpace modes allow listeners to tailor their sound preferences.
  • Balanced Output: The 4.4mm balanced output and 477 mW maximum output power ensure compatibility with a wide range of headphones, including demanding models.

Why does it matter?

GO Bar Kensei
  • Elevated Audio Quality: The combination of K2HD Technology and refined internal components promises a more detailed, dynamic, and faithful listening experience.
  • Versatility: Multiple output modes (xBass and xSpace) and customization options (iEMatch & Turbo) allow for optimization with both sensitive in-ear monitors and power-hungry headphones.
  • Premium Construction: The Japanese stainless steel design offers both durability and an aesthetically pleasing form factor.

GO Bar Kensei Pricing & Availability

The iFi GO Bar Kensei is available as of today from select retailers at a price of $449.

Overall Impressions

The iFi GO Bar Kensei aims to elevate the portable audio experience, offering cutting-edge technology and refined sound quality in a compact package. It targets audiophiles seeking to maximize the fidelity of their music playback on the go. While the K2HD processing sounds a little gimmicky, if iFi has found a way to improve upon the sound of the original iFi GO Bar (which we thought was best in class in terms of power and sweet sound), then this may be yet another hit from iFi.

GO Bar Kensei Specs

GO Bar Kensei

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