Final Introduces VR500 Gaming Earphones, Offering Premium Audio at an Affordable Price

What’s the story?: Japanese audio company Final aims to make immersive gaming audio more accessible with the launch of the VR500 Wired Gaming Earphones. The €34.99 (about USD 37) VR500 promises to deliver a high-fidelity audio experience for gamers without a premium price point.

VR500 Gaming Earphones

Key Features

  • Enhanced sound localization: The earphones are designed to accurately reproduce the direction of sound for a realistic, three-dimensional gaming experience.
  • Precision-tuned dynamic drivers: Provide exceptional audio clarity, handling everything from subtle sound cues to intense audio effects.
  • Ergonomic design: Lightweight build and multiple silicone eartip options promote comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • In-line microphone: Facilitates clear communication during gaming or phone calls.
  • Durable construction: ABS resin material ensures longevity even with heavy use
VR500 Gaming Earphones

Why should you care?:

  • Immersive gaming: Improved sound positioning lets players pinpoint sounds with greater accuracy, enhancing in-game immersion.
  • Exceptional audio quality: Specialized Dynamic drivers offer a premium listening experience for both gaming and music.
  • Comfort and affordability: Prioritize both performance and accessibility for budget-conscious gamers.

Pricing & Availability

The Final VR500 Gaming Earphones are available now on Amazon and select retailers across the UK and EU, priced at £29.99/€34.99.

Overall Impressions

The Final VR500 appears to be a compelling option for gamers (especially mobile gamers) seeking an immersive audio upgrade without spending a fortune. The focus on sound localization and comfort make these earphones a potentially attractive choice for their value. That said, for a little bit more (£59.99), you can also grab the Final VR2000 In-Ear Gaming Headset, which we liked during our review. We are interested in seeing how the two models compare.

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