BASN MTPro Review: Planar Power in a Pocket-Friendly Package

BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors

BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors







What We Dig

  • Rich, Open Sound
  • Great Build Quality
  • Generous Accessories

What To Think About

  • Not the most revealing, especially in the treble

Considering these IEMs? Our in-depth BASN MTPro Review covers their build, features, sound quality, and our final verdict.

Planar magnetic drivers used to be exclusively associated with first-rate over-ear headphones, but they’re increasingly appearing in affordable IEMs (in-ear monitors). The $219 BASN MTPro is one of the latest examples, bringing planar benefits to a more portable format. These IEMs promise the speed, accuracy, and spacious soundstage planar drivers are known for, clearly targeting those who prioritize faithful audio reproduction.


At $189.99, the BASN MTPros are towards the top of the entry-level planar IEM market. This puts them up against some well-respected models at a similar price point, like the 7HZ Timeless ($219) and the Letshouer S12 Pro ($169), which have good sound and similar build quality. I’m a big fan of the S12, by the way. However, the BASN comes with a more extensive accessory package than either of those models, so as usual, we’ll have to dive into sound quality to gauge the MTPros value.

BASN MTPro Review: Build & Design

The MT Pros boast a clean, understated aesthetic, especially in the base silver and black colors. If you want something a little flashier, you can get a gold, blue, or even purple pair. Their CNC-machined aluminum shells feel solid and luxurious, while the MMCX connectors offer flexibility and future-proofing via a wealth of replacement cables.

The included 3.5mm 4-core crystal copper cable is braided and tangle-resistant, adding to the premium feel. However, some may find the cable a little stiff, but the addition of memory ear hooks is a plus in terms of fit. Speaking of fit, I found the BASN IEMs very comfortable, and the earpiece ergonomics were excellent in my case. The shape of the metal housings fit my ears like a glove. YMMV. Additionally, I like that they include a wide variety of silicone and foam ear tips since getting a good seal in the ear canal is crucial for the best IEM performance.

BASN MTPro Review: Features

The BASN MTPros’ key selling point is their large 14.5mm planar magnetic driver, which has a double magnet array for more precise control over the diaphragm. The large driver units boast a wide frequency response, suggesting they can reproduce everything from deep bass to detailed highs.
The included accessories are generous, including various ear tips and a sturdy hard carrying case to protect everything. You also get an auxiliary cable with a microphone for taking calls, an earpiece cleaning tool, a cable removal tool, a 1/4″ audio adapter for desktop headphone amps, and a cable clip.

BASN MTPro Review: Sound

The MT Pros’ planar drivers have a nice rich easy going sound that shines on most material. I would refer to the sound signature as somewhat u-shaped with a slight emphasis on the Midbass and Upper Midrange. Compared to typical dynamic driver IEMs, they offer more soundstage depth and a smoother overall response. Soundstage width is just ok, but these IEM’s don’t sound boxed in by any means.

Bass is surprisingly strong and sufficiently textured, extending deep without dominating the mix. That said, if you’re looking for a flat reference tuning that stays out of way totally, the Bass may feel like a bit too much (The 7Hz Timeless may be more your jam). Mids are warm and natural, showcasing vocals and instruments despite being somewhat recessed in the mix. Treble is present but controlled (i.e. slightly rolled off at very top), avoiding harshness or sibilance.

In terms of resolution, the MT Pros aren’t the most revealing earphones I have encountered, especially through the mids, but the planar drivers are quick and agile enough to provide satisfying detail on well-recorded tracks and some nice head-nodding dynamics. Conversely, the tuning allows them to also be forgiving on mainstream recordings.

On the other hand, I did find them a little more revealing than one of my favorites with a similar sound, the Letshouer S12 Pro. So if you’re looking for an IEM like the S12 with a little more detail, then the BASN earphone may be what you’re looking for.

Overall, the MT Pros offer a balanced and musical sound signature that leans slightly towards warmth. I found that they worked with just about anything I played through them, but I especially like them with genres like jazz, blues, and classic rock.


The BASN MTPro IEMs offer a fun, insightful listening experience that audiophiles who are looking a good everyday carry earphone will likely appreciate. If you’re looking for a super precise, ultra revealing sound, they might not be the best fit, but for those who want an easy listening planar that still has some critical listening chops, they offer a compelling option.

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