KEF Unveils a Range of New Subwoofers: KC92 And KUBE MIE Series

Today, KEF, the renowned audio company, announced the expansion of its subwoofer offering with two distinct product lines: the KC92 force-canceling subwoofer and the Kube MIE subwoofer series. Both lines showcase innovative technology and design to deliver deep, detailed bass with exceptional accuracy, enhancing music and movie listening experiences.

KC92 Force-Cancelling Subwoofer:

This powerful subwoofer is designed to pack a punch despite its compact size. Its dual driver configuration in a force-canceling design, inspired by KEF’s award-winning loudspeakers, is said to minimize cabinet vibration and maximize precision. Its P-Flex Surround technology, inspired by origami, further contributes to this goal. These combined features are said to result in deeper bass extension, precise detail, and vanishingly low distortion, even at high volume.

The KC92 boasts powerful 1000W Class D amplification with a dedicated 500W of amplification for each driver. It offers versatile connectivity options, including line level and speaker level inputs, and utilizes KEF SmartConnect for automatic gain optimization. Its five-room placement options and timeless design make it adaptable to various environments.

Kube MIE Subwoofer Series

Kube MIE Subwoofer Series:

Available in four driver sizes (8″, 10″, 12″, and 15″), the Kube MIE series caters to a range of room sizes and system requirements. Each model features a front-firing long throw driver for impactful bass and Class D RMS amplifiers for efficient power delivery. The sealed cabinet design simplifies placement, and the sleek, modern appearance complements various interior styles.

Kube subwoofers integrate easily with most audio systems through multiple connection options and KEF SmartConnect. Additionally, they offer placement-dependent EQ adjustments for optimized in-room performance. Their three-room placement options also ensure reliable performance in different settings.

KEF Kube 15MIE Back

KEF KC92 & KUBE MIEPricing and Availability:

Both the KC92 and Kube MIE subwoofer lines will be available for purchase starting February 27th. The KC92 retails for $1,999.99, while the Kube MIE series ranges from $599.99 for the Kube 8 MIE to $1,399.99 for the Kube 15 MIE. For more info, go to

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Why It Matters:

These new KEF subwoofers offer enthusiasts seeking exceptional bass performance a variety of options. The KC92, with its powerful and precise force-cancelling design, is ideal for those who value compact size and high-fidelity sound. The Kube MIE series caters to a broader range of needs and budgets with its diverse selection of driver sizes and versatile features. Both lines represent KEF’s commitment to delivering immersive audio experiences that transport listeners to the heart of every performance.

Additional Notes:

  • KEF SmartConnect automatically optimizes gain for mono or stereo inputs.
  • Kube subwoofers can be integrated wirelessly using the optional KW1 adapter.
  • Both lines offer speaker and line inputs for flexible setup.

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