Meet the HE400SE! Hifiman’s New $149 Planar Magnetic Headphone (Officially) Hits The U.S.!

Is This An Even Better Value Than The Hifiman HE4xx and HE400i?

If you’re looking to try planar magnetic cans on the cheap, Hifiman may have just the headphone for you. It’s called the HE400SE, and at $149, it offers one of the cheapest entry points to planar magnetic sound.

According to Hifiman, this new headphone is designed to supply a wide soundstage and accurate imaging, something models several times the HE400SE struggle to do. It also boasts a sensitivity rating of around 91db, which should allow it to be powered by portable devices.

The HE400SE is also said to be lightweight (13 ¾ oz), a trait that should aid in a comfortable wearing experience when combined with the tapered hybrid earpads.

This headphone has been available via overseas sellers since late last year, but now it will be available here in the U.S., cutting down on shipping costs and shipping time.

According to overseas reviews, the sound is similar to Hifiman’s popular Deva headphone, and it also uses a similar double-magnet planar driver. It also looks to have a similar yolk and headband style to the Deva.

Upon reading some impressions from the site, it seems like the HE400SE is considered a good value both in build and sound quality. If the US model is the same as the one sold in Asia, this new headphone should be very popular amongst budget-minded audiophiles.

Look for the HE400SE to be available both on and HIFIMAN’s online store sometime in April.

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The following press release is courtesy of HIFIMAN:

HIFIMAN Electronics’ HE400se Brings High-Fidelity Headphone Design

to a Highly Affordable Price-point

HE400se Open-Back Headphone Features

an Ultra-wide Soundstage, Detailed Spatial Imaging

BELLMORE, NY, March 4, 2021  HIFIMAN, the leader in high fidelity personal audio, will soon ship a powerful new planar magnetic headphone that offers outstanding audio at a mass-market price.

The new HE400se ($149) is an open-back planar magnetic headphone that employs single-ended drivers to deliver a wide soundstage with accurate spatial imaging. With increased efficiency to 91dB, the HE400se performs as well with smartphones and tablets as it does with a full-size amplifier.

“HIFIMAN is famous for developing planar magnetic headphones that bring real-world full-range sonics to personal audio,” said Dr. Fang Bian, President, and CEO, HIFIMAN Electronics. “The HE400se is the result of our tapping our deep background in planar magnetic design to create a headphone with a wide soundstage and detailed imaging at a price that is within reach of nearly every music lover with a smart portable device, no matter if the source is a high-res. audio player or a common smartphone.”

Designed for extended listening sessions, the HE400se is 30% lighter than comparable magnetic headphones, weighing a mere 13 ¾ oz. Adding to its comfort is a newly-designed headband and beveled hybrid earpads that also contribute to the headphone’s exceptional performance. With this design, varying thicknesses conform to the human skull, almost as if it is custom-tailored to each listener’s head.

The HE400se will be available in April at a suggested retail price of $149. It will be available from Amazon and HIFIMAN’s online store, For additional information, visit

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HIFIMAN was founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007 and, two years later, introduced the acclaimed HM-801, the first digital audio player to feature true audiophile-grade performance from a pocket-size form factor. Since then, HIFIMAN, under Dr. Bian’s guidance, has developed an extensive selection of no-holds-barred headphones, digital audio players, and headphone amplifiers that are consistently recognized as the best in class, offering performance that belies their price point, no matter the cost.

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