Watch: Focal Shows Off Their Stunning New Celestee Headphones!

Focal Turns Heads With Their Latest Closed-Back Headphone!

Today, Focal unveiled their latest luxury headphone model. The new $990 Celestee is a closed-back headphone that shares many design cues with their flagship closed-back model, the $2990 Stellia. It has the same premium lightweight stainless steel/leather build, but Unlike the Stellia, which sports a Cognac/Mocha colorway, the Celestee comes in a Navy Blue/Copper color combo, which looks equally as rich.

The new headphone also diverges from the Stellia when it comes to driver material. The more expensive model uses a beryllium (lighter, more resolving) version of the company’s exclusive M-Dome driver. In contrast, the Celestee uses a lower-cost yet still high-grade Aluminum-Magnesium version. That said, like the Stellia, it has a 32 Ohms impedance, which should allow it to be driven by some portable devices. Based on the manufacturer’s description, I expect the Celestee to have a slightly less detailed yet warmer sound signature than the flagship Stellia.

As far as accessories are concerned, the Celestee comes with a zippered hard case (again similar to the Stellia), a 4ft detachable cable with a 3.5mm jack for portable use, and a 1/4″ adapter for use with headphone amps.

The Celestee is available for pre-order today at selected retailers (Crutchfield). For more info check out or watch the video below.

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