Save a Fortune On These Top-Notch Noise Cancelling Headphones-50% Off!

Sennheiser is well respected in the headphone game, and that’s for good reason. They are masters at creating accurate and detailed sound. As a matter of fact, their headphones have been considered audiophile references for as long as I‌ can remember.

Those reference qualities carry over into their Momentum 2 Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones. They let you take that legendary Sennheiser performance on the road along with the added benefit of Noise Cancelling technology.

These lightweight, foldable headphones are constructed of the finest materials–stainless steel and leather–so you will be proud to rock them wherever you go. They will especially please the commuters or frequent fliers looking for comfort, quiet and clear sound.

These have been replaced by the new Momentum 3 Wireless headphones, but they only have a few minor upgrades over the Momentum 2, like auto on/off when folded up, and BT 5.0 vs BT 4.0. However, the 2 is still a great headphone, especially for the current sale price! You will have a hard time finding another headphone of this quality for the same price.

Here’s a list of features from the manufacturer:

  • Noise Gard hybrid active noise cancellation blocks ambient noise using 4 microphones for ultimate isolation to dramatically improve sound quality in noisy environments. Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • 22 hour battery life with both Bluetooth and Noise Gard activated to ensure performance during long commutes or plane flights
  • Technology uses 2 built in microphones working seamlessly to improve voice quality and remove external noise during phone calls
  • Two year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer. VERY IMPORTANT Please Note: Detachable cable must be inserted into headphone until it “clicks” and twisted clockwise (to the right) to lock the cable in place
  • Its especially low profile was optimized for the use on mobile devices.Fitted with jack plugs on both ends, the cable is completely detachable and can be replaced if necessary
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Wired
  • Frequency Response 16 Hz to 22000 Hz , Impedance passive 28 ohm and active 480 ohm

Right now you can pick up the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless for $199.95, which is 50% off their previous retail price of $399.99! I would grab them before they sell out! They’re going fast! Discount link below…

Buy Here: Amazon-Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation- Black

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