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The Long-Awaited Chord Mojo 2 DAC/Headphone Amp Is Here: Release Date, Features & Price!

Today Chord Electronics unveiled the Mojo 2, a sequel to one of the first and most highly esteemed portable DAC/Amps ever made. The latest Mojo boasts a new lossless “UHD DSP” EQ that allows you

Zorloo’s Zophia Hybrid Wired/Wireless Earphone Is Hot On Kickstarter!

Zorloo, a company mostly known for its excellent USB DACs like the Ztella and Ztella II, is back again with a new True Wireless/Wired product called the Zophia Wire.less Earphone. It launched today on Kickstarter

HIFIMAN Electronics Debuts New R9 Closed-Back Dynamic Driver Headphone

HIFIMAN unveils new $599 R9 Closed-Back Dynamic Driver Headphone, supports both single and dual-sided cables along with their R2R Bluemini Bluetooth Dongle-available now at The following press release is courtesy of HIFIMAN Electronics: HIFIMAN

Linsoul Audio/HarmonicDyne Poseidon Review: These Handsome Headphones Know How To Get Down!

Intro The Linsoul Audio/HarmonicDyne Poseidon ($439.00) is third in the line of wood cup HarmonicDyne headphones, each named after a Greek god. The first one was Helios, followed by Zeus. The Zeus headphones featured drivers

Dilvpoetry DT-1 Tube Headphone AMP DAC Review: Lavish Your Headphones With Warm Tubey Goodness!

TL;DR The Dilvpoetry DT-1 combines a decent DAC, powerful headphone amp section, and effective tube input stage in a single box for convenience plus musicality. Intro Tube-based headphone amps can offer listeners a different sound

Philips Sound Unveils New Premium True Wireless Earbuds With Dual Hybrid Drivers!

Last night, at CES in Vegas, Philips Sound gave the first demo of their soon-to-be-released T1 True Wireless Earbuds. Marketed under their Fidelio premium audio brand, the T1 is said to have the brand’s signature

Product Of The Year Awards 2021: Best Headphones, Headphone Amps, & Portable Audio

Hey folks! Well…we’ve made it through another year! It’s been a tough one with Covid-19 ravaging the planet once again, but that hasn’t stopped us from checking out some of the best affordable high-end audio.

Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers And Audiophiles 2021: 5 Best Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

In this installment of the Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers And Audiophiles, we’re here to help you pick the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer gift! This time around, we have five inexpensive gifts you can tuck

Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers And Audiophiles 2021: 5 Best Christmas Gifts Under $250

Hey Folks, Christmas is fast approaching, so here’s another installment of the Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers And Audiophiles to help you pick the perfect gift for the Hi-Fi enthusiast in your life! This

Black Friday Deals 2021: 10 Best Can’t Miss Sales For Audiophile & Music Lovers – Headphones, Speakers & Electronics

Black Friday Weekend is here and stuff is flying off the shelves! We’ve seen a lot of good deals on audio gear sell out in minutes! Here’s our list of the best deals still available,

Holiday Gift Guide For Music Lovers & Audiophiles 2021: Best Gifts Under $500

Hey folks, it’s that time of year again! I know a lot of you like myself are wondering what in the world you’re going to get for the folks on your gift list! Well if

Sendy Audio Peacock Review: This Ain’t No Ordinary Planar Magnetic Headphone!

TL;DR While the Sendy Audio Peacock’s build quality and comfort are top-notch, its tuning and overall resolution are just a step behind the competition. Nevertheless, some may find its natural, easygoing sound and wide soundstage

The Best Audio Deals Right Now: Speakers, Headphones, And Electronics! (11-4-21)

If you’re looking for the Best Home Audio & Hi-Fi Sales right now, then look no further! We’ve rounded them all up below! This week we’ve found some great deals on integrated amps by Yamaha,