The List: New Hi-Fi Products for November 2023 (Kef LS60, iFi hip-dac 3, Klipsch Music City Series, Fiio FT5, and more)

Discover the latest and greatest new Hi-Fi products for November 2023, including the Kef LS60, iFi hip-dac 3, Moondrop Aria 2, and more. Stay on top of the best audio gear releases in the market.

November is shaping up to be a great month for new hi-fi products, with a wide range of releases from some of the biggest names in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of speakers, an amplifier, a turntable, or something else entirely, there’s sure to be something new to catch your eye this month.

Here are a few of the most exciting new hi-fi products that are scheduled to be released in October/November 2023:

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KEF LS60 Wireless Speakers

New Hi-Fi Products

KEF has launched a new Carbon Black colorway for the LS60 Wireless Speakers, making it the 5th color option. It joins the existing mineral white, royal blue, titanium grey, and British Racing Green colors.

The LS60 Wireless ($6999) is a high-performance streaming audio system with advanced KEF acoustic technologies. It has two floorstanding speakers and offers multiple connectivity options, including Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. The system can stream directly from Spotify Connect, Tidal, and QPlay. The LS60 was introduced in 2022 for KEF’s 60th Anniversary.

Klipsch Music City Series Bluetooth Speakers

Klipsch has announced a new range of premium portable Bluetooth speakers called the Music City Series. The series is inspired by the legendary artists and musical genres of iconic American music cities, Austin, Nashville, and Detroit.

The Klipsch Austin is the smallest and most portable of the three speakers, and it’s designed to take the concert anywhere you go. The Klipsch Nashville offers a 360-degree sound experience thanks to its dual opposing drivers, and the Klipsch Detroit is the largest and most powerful speaker in the series.

All three speakers deliver a premium sound experience and feature long-lasting battery life, dust and water resistance, and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. They can also be connected to other compatible Klipsch models using Klipsch Broadcast Mode to create a fully immersive listening experience.

The Klipsch Austin and Nashville are available for pre-order now for $99 and $149, respectively. The Detroit will be available early next year.

REKKORD F100 Turntable

New Hi-Fi Products

REKKORD Audio is introducing its F100 turntable ($369 without preamp) to U.S. consumers who want to enjoy vinyl records without a high cost. The F100 features a sleek design and simplicity of use, making it suitable for casual listeners. It can be easily connected to powered speakers or integrated into a stereo system.

The turntable has a black satin matte finish, a heavy aluminum platter for stability, and a low-mass tonearm to reduce vinyl wear. It has a pre-mounted Audio Technica 3600L cartridge, pre-adjusted tracking force, and anti-skating settings for accurate playback. The chassis is made of pressed wood to reduce resonance. REKKORD turntables are known for their quality and are now available for consumers looking for a simple solution to enjoy vinyl albums. For more information, visit the REKKORD website:

Moondrop Aria 2 IEM

Moondrop has released the Aria 2, an upgraded version of their popular single dynamic driver in-ear monitors. The Aria 2 features a new build, a new-generation dynamic driver, an enhanced pressure vent structure, and a new modular cable. It aims to build on the success of its predecessor, the Aria, and deliver an even better performance.

Moondrop is experienced in designing premium IEMs. They have tuned this pair following their famous VDSF target response curve to deliver high-quality sound with enhanced vocals and low distortion. Professional acoustic engineers adjust the tuning to suit various music genres.

According to Hifigo, Moondrop Aria 2 offers significant improvements compared to the original Aria. So, even with a new build, patented dynamic driver structure, and tuning, the price remains affordable at $89.99. The product is currently available for purchase here.

iFi Audio hip-dac 3 DAC/Amp

The third-generation hip-dac from iFi has arrived, featuring a new Titanium Shadow finish. This portable DAC/headphone amp has gained popularity for its affordability, hi-res specifications, and unique design reminiscent of a hip flask. The hip-dac 2 introduced a Sunset Orange finish, while the original hip-dac came in Petrol Blue.

The hip-dac 3’s Titanium Shadow finish has a warm, subtle grey color that changes in different lights, with hints of bronze and vintage gold. It features two USB-C ports for audio and charging. It also includes the IEMatch technology, which optimizes the amp’s output for high-sensitivity headphones and reduces background hiss.

The hip-dac 3 has circuit enhancements for improved frequency response and a new crystal oscillator for purer sound. The DAC section is based on a Burr-Brown chipset, supporting hi-res audio formats. The amp stage has balanced circuitry and switchable gain for different headphone loads. It also features XBass for bass boost and has USB-C audio input and two outputs for headphones with various connectors.

The hip-dac 3 has a 2200mAh battery for up to 12 hours of playtime and includes various cables. It’s currently available for pre-order at an RRP of US$199.

FiiO FT5 Planar Magnetic Headphones

FiiO has launched the FT5, their first pair of over-ear open-back Planar Magnetic headphones. The headphones have 90mm drivers and come with 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and XLR plugs. They also have interchangeable suede and leather earpads and a 392-wire silver-plated copper cable. These headphones are said to offer a dynamic, balanced soundstage and utilize a nanoscale diaphragm coating process for consistent and accurate sound.

The FT5 features 20 neodymium magnets per driver to ensure balanced movement and reduced distortion. Unlike most traditional planar magnetic headphones, the FT5 has high sensitivity and can be easily driven even by portable players. The FiiO FT5 will be available in late November, priced at $499.

These are just a few of the new hi-fi products scheduled to be released in November 2023. With so many great new products, it’s sure to be an excellent month for hi-fi enthusiasts.

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