HIFIMAN SVANAR: The New True Wireless Earbud You Need To Know About!

Introducing HIFIMAN SVANAR – the latest true wireless earbud that promises exceptional sound quality and active noise canceling. Discover more about this game-changing device now!

HIFIMAN, a renowned manufacturer of high-fidelity personal audio, is set to launch SVANAR Wireless, their latest True Wireless earbud that promises to deliver sound quality typically associated with wired models. The SVANAR Wireless, priced at $499, features a 10mm dynamic driver tuned for full-range output, making it perfect for everything from focused listening to athletic activities.

The earbud is also equipped with a custom version of HIFIMAN’s popular Hymalaya multi-bit ladder DAC/AMP module for sonic improvements that should be audible vs. a standard wireless receiver’s built-in 1-bit DAC. In addition, the SVANAR Wireless is also fitted with HIFIMAN Electronics’ Topology Diaphragm, which is covered with a Nanoparticle coating that contributes to significantly greater sonic detail than is typically associated with True Wireless earphones.

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Created for on-the-go use, the SVANAR Wireless features two noise-canceling technologies: ANC Deep Noise Cancellation and ENC Deep Voice Cancellation. ANC accurately identifies and eliminates environmental noise up to -35dB. At the same time, ENC relies on artificial intelligence that simulates the human auditory system, filtering out extraneous noise and extracting the voice for phone calls.

The SVANAR Wireless has a rated frequency range of 10Hz to 35KHz with an onboard amp output of 45mW. Its average battery time is four-to-seven hours, depending on usage. The case is said to provide three charges to the buds before needing its charge. Additionally, the earbuds are IPX5-rated for resistance to sweat and dirt over hours of uninterrupted service.

The SVANAR True Wireless earbuds are set to hit the market in June and will be sold for $499. Customers can purchase them from Amazon and HIFIMAN’s online store, http://store.hifiman.com/. For further details, please visit https://hifiman.com.


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