AXPONA 2022: The Show In Pictures

Well, it’s time to wrap up our Axpona 2022 coverage, but before we do, we just wanted to share some additional pics from the show! While the show was scaled back a bit, it was well organized as usual, and there was still a lot to see!

There were also many people there the two days I went, showing that people were ready to get back into the shows again! I had a great time and can’t wait till next year. If you want to see some of our favorite rooms and systems, check out the rest of our show coverage here!

Too many rooms for one man!
On the way to the big rooms!
Krell/Estelon Forza
Legacy Audio
Legacy Audio
Acora Acoustics
Von Schweikert Audio
Dynaudio Confidence
United Home Audio
EMM Labs
T + A Talis
Sonus Faber
Moon/Wilson Audio
Bowers & Wilkins/McIntosh
ELAC Concentro
Avantgarde Acoustics
YG Acoustics Tor
YG Acoustics Tor
YG Acoustics Summit
Gobel High End
Alta Audio Adam
Rega System One
Rega System One
Rega System One
Linkwitz Lab
Revel/Mark Levinson

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