Simgot’s Flagship EK3 Three Balanced Armature IEM In The House-First Impressions And Unboxing Pics!

The first time I saw pics of SIMGOT’s new flagship IEM, the $360 EK3, I was in love. The shiny transparent resin shell, the honeycomb imprinting, the splendid gold/silver braided cable, I was hooked. The only thing left to wonder was, “Does it sound as good as it looks?” Well, fortunately, thanks to SIMGOT, I have the chance to find out.

First of all, pictures don’t do the EK3 justice. It looks even better in person. I also can’t believe how well put together it is. Another cool thing is the switch controlled sound adjustments. I’ve seen all kinds of schemes for adjusting the sound on a pair of earphones: filters, different types of ear tips (which the EK3 also has), even itty-bitty dials.

But this is the first time I’ve seen multiple switches for sound adjustment. The switches allow four different sound signatures (Strong Bass, Bright Vocal, Exquisite Tone, Balanced Tuning). The factory setting is Bright Vocal, which does provide some overall brightness and forward vocals. I haven’t played with the other settings yet, but the Strong Bass sounds very intriguing. Stay tuned for my full review.

Buy Here: SIMGOT EK3 in-Ear Monitor Headphones with Four Tuning Models, Design HiFi Hybrid Triple Balanced Armature Driver(3 Knowles BA), 3D Printed Resin Cavity

Features and Unboxing Pics:

  • Four Tuning Models: SIMGOT EK3 has four tuning models to enrich tone changes, through precise laying and ingenious application of toggle switch,four switchable tuning ways are available, including strong bass,bright vocal, exquisite tone and balanced tuning, to meet the music requirements of different users, bring users really tuning fun, enjoying more music passion.
  • 3D Printing Resin Cavity: The shell is made of integral moulding of medical UV curable resin from Germany, specifically medically designed for ears. 3D printing ensures a greater accuracy of each headset. The imported resin cavity is lightweight .The shape is molded based on ergonomics. It can securely fit in the ear and effectively isolates the external noise.
  • 3 Balanced Armatures Earbuds: 3 Knowles BA drivers in each of the ear unit work perfectly in harmony with masterfully-tuned three-way crossover for the ultimate sound experience.With these high quality drivers, the sound is natural, smooth, rich in details, accurate positioning. EK3 are perfect for all of music lovers and headphone enthusiast.
  • Silver-Plated OCC&SPC Detachable Cable: Design with high-purity 0.78mm 2-Pin silver-plated copper OCC&SPC detachable cable, which greatly improves the sound performance by enhancing the smoothness and layering of sound and avoiding harshness, excellently deliver vocal part and reduce signal transmission loss. It’s lightweight and soft that comfortable to wear as well.
  • SIMGOT Guarantee – 30 days free return & replacement, 1 Years product warranty (If quality problems are found, we provide a free replacement or full refund) Most importantly, we believe it’s a wonderful gift for your intimate friends, beloved family members. Order with confidence, click and add to cart today!


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