Atlantic Technology FS-252 Powered Bookshelf Speakers In The House!

A couple of years ago, powered loudspeakers, otherwise known as active speakers, were used primarily in the domain of pro audio. But now it seems like every speaker manufacturer is on a mad dash to put out the best powered speakers for hi-fi use. The model I have today is the $749 FS-252 active bookshelf from Atlantic Technology which aims to provide a higher fidelity wireless connection than other active models via the use of a wireless technology named SKAA.

This is a new technology for me, but it’s supposed to work better than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth since it was built for ground up for music transmission in the Pro Audio world. SKAA is said to provide sound quality that is clear and full-frequency, with a high dynamic range comparable to a wired connection. Stay tuned for my upcoming review!

From Atlantic Technology:

FS-252 High-Performance SKAA Wireless Active Bookshelf Speakers

The FS-252 speakers are the first of an exciting new range of high-performance wireless products from Atlantic Technology featuring SKAA wireless technology.  These elegant compact bookshelf speakers are sold as a pair and easily connect with legacy audio gear or operate with minimal components in a modern digital environment.  They can also be used in a home theater system to operate as the front and/or rear channels and are acoustically-matched to the Gatecrasher 3 wireless soundbar which will be available later this year.



2.0 Stereo


2 x 25 watts @ 8 ohms, class D


Digital, SKAA wireless

Digital, Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX wireless

Analog, stereo 3.5mm AUX In

Analog, stereo RCA L/R In


Analog, stereo RCA L/R Pre-out

Digital, SKAA wireless


2-way, sealed box

Drivers Woofers: (2) 3.5-inch CPP

Passive Radiator: (1) 4-inch

Tweeter: (1) .75-inch silk dome

SKAA Audio Bit rate: 480 Kbps (CD-quality)

SKAA Latency: 36 ms, fixed

Frequency Response: 100-20K +/- 3 db

Sensitivity: 88 db

Power: 90-240VAC / 50-60 Hz

Dimensions: 5.7” W x 11.2” H x 8.5” D

145mm x 285mm x 215mm

Weight (unboxed ea.): Right: 9.25 lbs., 4.2 kg Left: 7.72 lbs., 3.5 kg

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