One Of The Best Audiophile Headphones Now Selling For A Crazy Low Price!

The Focal (Pronounced Foe-kal) Elear came out in 2016, as part of the French High-End audio company’s bid to grab market share in the audiophile headphone segment. They were made in France with technology inspired by Focal’s flagship headphone, the $4000 Utopia, but at the time, they sold for $1000. They were seen as a great value at $1000, since the sound was very reminiscent of the $4000 model.

But now you can get the Elear for under $500, which as I said in the title is crazy. If you can swing it, I think these are now the best value in the audiophile headphone world, replacing my previous pick, the Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon, which now sells for $300 down from $700. That is my second choice if you can’t get the Elear. The reason why is that the Elear is just a little more detailed, dynamic and transparent than the Carbon. Plus the build quality is a little nicer (the Elear is Aluminum and Leather). But they are both excellent headphones.

My personal pair of Elear

The Elear is a headphone that I use everyday while working, and I was happy to get it for $700! The sound is so engaging, and the headphones are so comfortable, sometimes I have to take them off because I get lost in a song. The exclusive “m-shaped” aluminum/magnesium dome drivers, which are set in an open frame, give you a very natural, energetic, wide-open sound that sounds amazing with any genre. They are also very revealing, which means they will bring out detail from songs you will not hear in lesser headphones.

If you have been thinking about buying a high-end headphone, but thought you couldn’t afford one, here is your chance to grab one at a bargain price. Hurry because they won’t last long.

Buy Here:  Focal Elear Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones (Black)



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