Grab These Unrivaled Bluetooth Headphones For An Unbeatable Price-$250 Off!

Today, AMAZON is offering the Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper Hi-Res Bluetooth Headphones for an all-time low price of $599.00.  At that price, you will save $250.00 or 29% off what they sold for just a couple of weeks ago. They are not noise-canceling headphones, but they provide the ultimate sound quality for those who desire an audiophile listening experience without wires.

When I reviewed the Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper a couple of months ago, I said the following:

I was awestruck by the build quality, comfort, and sound coming from the Amiron Wireless Copper. I will hate to see them go. At first, I was wondering if there was any Bluetooth headphone worth $750, but these sold me. If you want a wireless headphone that can hold its own soundwise with any headphone under $1000 wired or wireless, then I‌ would check these out.

I think these may be the best Bluetooth headphone on the market, especially if you are into a balanced sound signature. The only other one I can see competing is the ANANDA-BT‌ from Hifiman, but they are $250 more than the Beyerdynamic cans. I highly recommend the Amiron Copper Wireless if you have the scratch.

I still believe the Amiron Wireless Copper is amazing at the regular price of $850, but for $599 they are unbeatable. If you want even better sound for home listening, you can plug in the wire and run them off of a dedicated headphone amp/DAC like the $129 IFI Zen DAC.

Here’s a list of features:

  • Flawless design and look: the precious metallic look is effectively complemented by the dark, technical impression of the headphones and the soft headband made of Alcantara. Selected materials for ear pads and headband as well as a Balanced headband pressure ensure a first-class comfort when wearing

  • Sound personalization through app: with the beyerdynamic MIY app, you can personalize the sound of their AM iron Wireless. The heart of this app is the award-winning sound personalization of Miami hearing technologies. The sound is exactly Adapted to the personal hearing profile of the user. At the same time, the app provides information about the listening habits of the user, so that the hearing can be preserved

  • Bluetooth Wireless technology: the Bluetooth Wireless technology allows the use with all devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers that also make use of this technology. A range of up to 10 meters allows enough freedom of movement

  • Convenient design for easy operation: The headphones are switched on or off via a button. An LED integrated in the button displays the operating status. For conversations a microphone is integrated in the ear cup. A touch pad on the ear cup is used to control the media playback and calls

Buy Here: AMAZON-Beyerdynamic Amiron Hi-Res Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Touchpad, 30 Hour Battery, aptX HD, AAC, aptX LL – Copper (Limited Edition, Made in Germany)

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