First Impressions: NSMT Loudspeakers In The House w/ Amber Rubarth

Today i’m listening to an audiophile desktop setup from NSMT Loudspeakers, a U.S. Manufacturer of high-end speakers and amplifiers. The setup is comprised of their Model 5AX Desktop Monitor, which is a solid pillar of heavy MDF with transmission-line tuning giving it the ability to play very low frequencies for it’s small footprint, and their Class-D A100 amplifier which is manufactured to drive even floor standing speakers with very little distortion.

What this means is that the A100 matches very well with the 5AX, providing very clean power to the compact monitors, which are designed to bring a full-range audiophile experience to near-field listening.  Right now I have the A-100 hooked up to my laptop via the Audioquest Dragonfly Black and Audioquest Evergreen Interconnect, playing a 24/96 download of Amber Rubarth’s “Sessions From the 17Th Ward”, a beautiful recording you should check out if you never heard it before.

I’m still putting them through their manufacturer requested break-in period, so I don’t want to make too many judgments at this point. But they did say you should be able to discern the overall sound signature within a few hours, and I must say just from a casual listening standpoint, this combination is very enjoyable.

If their mini-monitor is this fun, I really hope to hear one of their floorstanding models in the near future. Full review of the Model 5AX and A100 coming soon.

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