Edifier Elevates Wireless Audio with STAX SPIRIT S5 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Edifier International, a well-known audio equipment manufacturer, has launched the STAX SPIRIT S5, a new set of wireless planar magnetic headphones. Drawing on Edifier’s acquisition of STAX Ltd. in 2012, the S5 aims to deliver high-fidelity sound in a compact and portable package.

Planar Magnetic Technology for Superior Audio

Planar magnetic drivers, often found in high-end headphones, are known for their ability to provide detailed, accurate sound reproduction. The STAX SPIRIT S5 utilizes upgraded planar magnetic drivers in combination with the latest Bluetooth V5.4 technology. Edifier claims its 2nd-gen EqualMass™ wiring technology and 2μm thin film create a listening experience comparable to that of electrostatic headphones.

Advanced Features for an Immersive Experience

Edifier has incorporated several advanced features into the S5. First, their Production Phase Auto Calibration technology is designed to ensure consistent sound fidelity across all units. Furthermore, the headphones also support just about every audio codec, including LDAC, LHDC, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, aptX Lossless, and AAC. This allows the S5 to offer lossless audio with a bit rate of up to 1.2 Mbps in Bluetooth mode and low latency. Additionally, the aptX™ Adaptive codecs minimize audio delay for video, creating an immersive gaming experience.

Elegant Design and User-Friendly Functionality

The STAX SPIRIT S5 features a sleek design with genuine lambskin earpads and top-grain cowhide earcups. The ergonomic design prioritizes comfort, allowing for extended listening sessions. The headphones can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously for convenient switching between audio sources. Users can also customize the sound profile with three preset EQ options or create a personalized EQ using the EDIFIER ConneX App.

We previously wrote about the STAX SPIRIT S3, for which we gave an award for the Best Affordable Wireless Audiophile Headphone. We found it to be probably the best wireless headphones we’ve ever heard. If the S5 can improve upon its sound, we may swear off wires altogether. Well, not really, but it may substantially increase our use of wireless headphones.

Pricing and Availability

The STAX SPIRIT S5 is currently available for purchase on Amazon for $499.99.

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