SVS Ships New Flagship Ultra Evolution Speakers, Pushing Performance Boundaries

New SVS Ultra Evolution Speakers! Diamond-coated tweeters, time-aligned cabinets, and more for reference-quality sound!

Leading audio manufacturer SVS has announced availability of its new flagship speaker series, the Ultra Evolution. This lineup of seven models incorporates significant advancements in driver technology, cabinet design, and materials. The Ultra Evolution series aims to deliver a new level of reference-quality sound, transcending expectations for performance within its class.

SVS Ultra Evolution Speaker

SVS Ultra Evolution Speakers: Features

The Ultra Evolution series’s most striking design element is the acoustically centered, time-aligned cabinet architecture. A curved front baffle ensures that sound from the tweeter and all drivers reach the listener’s ears simultaneously. This maximizes phase coherence, creating a more convincing and immersive soundstage with exceptional accuracy and imaging.

Additionally, SVS introduces an entirely new diamond-coated aluminum dome tweeter. This cutting-edge technology is said to deliver effortless highs beyond typical human hearing limits while lowering distortion. Each model also features an innovative organic cell lattice tweeter diffuser meticulously designed for optimal off-axis frequency response and dispersion.

The floorstanding models in the Ultra Evolution series showcase a force-balanced woofer configuration inspired by the company’s subwoofer expertise. Dual opposing active woofers deliver powerful, room-filling bass while simultaneously addressing room modes for a smoother, more nuanced low-frequency response.

Ultra Evolution Pinnacle-Rear View

All models utilize glass fiber composite cone midrange drivers and woofers, offering superb stiffness and accurate dynamics. Separate, acoustically tuned chambers enhance driver separation and minimize cabinet resonances. Premium components and meticulous cabinet design contribute to optimized audio reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum.

Why does this matter?

The SVS Ultra Evolution series targets discerning listeners seeking reference-level audio performance. These meticulously engineered speakers promise a highly immersive listening experience with exceptional detail, clarity, and a remarkably expansive soundstage.

SVS Ultra Evolution Speakers: Product Lineup

SVS Ultra Evolution Speaker

The speakers are timbre-matched with other SVS models, allowing users to seamlessly integrate them into existing setups for a cohesive sonic presentation. Premium construction, featuring chamfered baffles and high-quality materials, ensures longevity and aesthetic appeal.

The SVS Ultra Evolution family includes three floorstanding models (Pinnacle, Titan, and Tower), two bookshelf options (Bookshelf and Nano), a dedicated three-way center channel speaker, and the versatile Ultra Elevation speaker, which is designed for Dolby Atmos and surround use.

Details and pricing:

Ultra Evolution Pinnacle: 3-way floorstanding speaker – $4,999.98/pair
Ultra Evolution Titan: 3-way floorstanding speaker – $3,999.98/pair
Ultra Evolution Tower: 3-way floorstanding speaker – $2,999.98/pair
Ultra Evolution Bookshelf: 2-way bookshelf speaker – $1,199.98/pair
Ultra Evolution Nano: Compact 2-way bookshelf speaker – $899.98/pair
Ultra Evolution Center: 3-way center channel speaker – $799.99
Ultra Elevation: Versatile home theater speaker with multi-angle wall/ceiling mounting bracket – $899.98/pair

All models except the Ultra Evolution Nano and Ultra Evolution Tower are available now. The Nano and Evolution models will ship in Q2 (The website says late May).

Finish options will be limited at launch. All models will soon be available in Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White, and Premium Black Oak Wood Veneer.

Overall Impressions

The SVS Ultra Evolution marks a new level of performance and craftsmanship from this Ohio company we’ve been fans of for a long time. The focus on cutting-edge driver technology, meticulous cabinet design, and premium components indicates a dedication to delivering an exceptional listening experience for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. As usual, the prices also seem pretty reasonable for what you are getting.

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