HIDIZS Announces S8 PRO Robin DAC Amp for Enhanced Audio on the Go

HIDIZS, a company specializing in audio products, has expanded its lineup of portable audio devices with the release of the S8 PRO Robin DAC Amp. This compact device aims to elevate the audio quality of smartphones, tablets, and computers, focusing on delivering high-resolution audio at an accessible price point.


The HIDIZS S8 PRO Robin features dual flagship Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC chips (one per channel), which are well-regarded for their ability to deliver high-fidelity audio with minimal distortion and impressive dynamic range. The device supports Hi-Res audio formats, including PCM (up to 32bit/384kHz) and DSD256, promising to unlock finer details and greater depth in music files.

Additionally, the S8 PRO Robin provides both a standard 3.5mm single-ended output and a 4.4mm balanced output, catering to a broader range of headphone preferences. Its sleek aluminum alloy construction and small size ensure it retains a portable form factor.

As far as power output is concerned, the 3.5mm Single-ended output is rated to deliver 80mW+80mW @32Ω power output, while the 4.4mm Balanced output is said to provide 160mW+160Mw @32Ω for a dynamic and powerful sound.

Furthermore, the S8 PRO Robin has a sleek CNC Aluminium Alloy body with physical buttons for volume adjustment and digital filter selection. It also has a sampling rate indicator for checking the quality of audio files in real time.

Why Should You Care?

The S8 PRO Robin DAC Amp promises to significantly improve audio quality by bypassing mobile devices’ often-limited built-in audio processing. The result is a cleaner, more detailed sound that can reveal previously obscured elements in your music.

In addition, the S8 PRO Robin should have enough power to drive a wider selection of headphones, even those with a higher impedance that might pose a challenge for smartphones alone. It presents itself as a highly convenient plug-and-play upgrade for those desiring better sound quality from their existing devices with USB-C connectivity.

Pricing & Availability The HIDIZS S8 PRO Robin will be released in March and will cost £79, €79, or $99.

Overall Impressions The HIDIZS S8 PRO Robin seems like a worthwhile option for audio enthusiasts seeking a way to improve the sonic experience of their portable devices. The emphasis on Hi-Res audio support and the addition of a balanced output will likely appeal to those who prioritize high-quality audio without sacrificing convenience. We previously reviewed a related DAC/Amp from HIDIZS, the HIDIZS S9 PRO, and we once called it “The Best DAC/Amp under $100”. If the S8 PRO Robin sounds better than that one, it should be something special, especially at the $99 price point.


DACDual 32-bit CS43131
PCM Audio SupportUp to 32-bit/384kHz
Native DSD Audio SupportUp to DSD256
3.5mm Single-ended OutputYes
4.4mm Balanced OutputYes
ChassisCNC Aluminium Alloy Integrated Molding
Physical ButtonsPowerVolume +/-Filter Selection
Sampling Rate IndicatorYes
Frequency Response20Hz-45kHz
Distortion3.5mm: 0.0005%4.4mm: 0.0006%
SNR3.5mm: 125dB4.4mm: 125dB
Separation3.5mm: -74dB4.4mm: -110dB
Output Power3.5mm: 80mW+80mW @32Ω4.4mm: 160mW+160Mw @32Ω
Selectable Digital FiltersHigh PassNOS (Non-oversampling)De-emphasisFast and SlowLow-latency and Phase-compensatedWideband Flatness Mode
Compatible PlatformsWindows/MacOS/iPad OS/Android/iOS/Harmony OS

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