The List: All The Latest Audiophile Gear & Tech This Week! (2/25/23)

Discover the ultimate audiophile gear for every budget – this list has all the hottest products right now, so you stay ahead in the game! Check it out now!

Audiophiles rejoice! It’s time to get your hands on the latest and greatest in audiophile gear and technology. Whether you’re a budding enthusiast or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find something on this list that will take your listening experience to the next level. From the latest headphones and speakers to DACs, amplifiers, and streaming devices, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to stay up-to-date with the best in audio tech. Get ready to take your audio journey to the next level!

CAYIN Technology launches its N7 digital audio player (DAP) at CanJam New York 2023

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Cayin, an audio specialist, will be introducing their newest product, the N7 Digital Audio Player (DAP), this weekend at the CanJam New York 2023. Last year, the company launched the N8ii, a fully-balanced, fully-discrete vacuum tube amplified DAP. The N7, however, takes a different approach by engineering the first miniaturized R2R 1-bit DAC module with four rails of resistor network, bringing users a close to analog experience.

The 1-bit DAC can decode up to DSD512 and accept PCM up to 32 Bit/768kHz. Moreover, a discrete LPF (low pass filter) circuit has been developed to replicate the desired smooth and natural sound.

Alongside the new DAC, N7’s headphone amplification is extraordinary; it has a completely discrete and completely balanced architecture, as well as Dual Amplifier Operation (DAO, either Class A or Class AB) feature. It is runs on Android 12 and comes with Google Play already installed, so it is ready to stream.

In addition, they have incorporated MQA into the N7 Digital Audio Player. Cayin feels it is an essential addition so users are able to exploit the entire potential of Tidal’s hi-res Tidal Masters streaming tier.

It is anticipated that the Cayin N7 will be available to purchase on February 27, 2023, for a recommended retail price of $1,999.

Audiophile Gear: ELAC’s Intros Their New Varro Line Of Subwoofers

ELAC, a top manufacturer of speakers and audiophile gear, recently announced its Varro range of subwoofers. The new collection includes three distinct series; the Premium Series, Reference Series, and Dual Reference Series. ELAC says the subwoofers are a representation of 95 years of experience in creating sound excellence through expertise and invention. Every series is designed to provide consumers with top-notch features and a great experience.

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The new AutoEQ system will give people the liberty to decide where to put the subwoofer that best suits their needs and environment without any compromise on its performance. In addition, all the Varro Subwoofers are outfitted with powerful and economic BASH Amplifiers, robust MDF Cabinets with inner support, specially-crafted Woofers with sizeable Voice Coils, DSP (Digital Signal Processing), state-of-the-art APP Control, and Auto Room EQ.

The Reference and Dual Reference Series add features like HEX Driver Surround Technology, Aluminum Sandwich Woofers, Built-In AirX2 Wireless Receiver, Speaker-Level Inputs, and Custom Install Ready connectors.

The Varro line-up of subwoofers is priced between $649.98 and $2999.98. They will be available through ELAC’s nationwide network of dealers on March 3, 2023.

Audiophile Gear: HIFIMAN Debuts Three New Products, IEM, DAC/Amp Combo, Headphones

This weekend, HIFIMAN Electronics will be exhibiting three new models at CanJam NYC, which will be their first North American unveiling. These include a top-of-the-line in-ear monitor, a professional studio headphone, and a desktop DAC/amplifier.

Svanar: HIFIMAN just announced the new Svanar IEM (retailing at $1,999) that’s designed to provide unbeatable sound quality and comfort for its price. This model has brass in the front chamber and aluminum alloy in the back, making the center of gravity align with the pinna or the external ear. This design allows for improved stability, fit, and comfort even during long listening hours. The Svanar is equipped with a powerful 9.2mm neodymium driver for enhanced output and long-term durability. The cables that come with it are made of fine silver-coated crystalline copper wire. It’s available for Pre-Order Now.

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AUDIVINA: AUDIVINA (retailing at $1,999) is a closed-back set of planar headphones that employ HIFIMAN’s Stealth Magnets, allowing sound waves to move through the magnets without interference. This sophisticated magnet design is acoustically transparent, minimizing reflections that would otherwise decrease the quality of the sound waves, thus producing only genuine sonic output with great accuracy. Available in March.

EF600: A DAC/amplifier featuring HIFIMAN’s Hymalaya Pro DAC with an array of highly accurate resistors that uses an R2R or “ladder” method of conversion. The EF600 (priced at $799) has a stylish look that not only adds to the aesthetic of its surroundings but also serves as a headphone holder, freeing up space on the desktop. It is suitable for use as either a DAC or a separate headphone amplifier and is equipped with balanced input/output connections, Bluetooth capabilities for high-resolution audio, its own power source, and a thermally optimized tower case. Available In April.

Audiophile Gear: Wharfedale Adds To Their Heritage Series With Dovedale

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At the present time, Wharfedale commemorates its heritage through the Heritage Series – a selection of classic stereo speakers from the 1960s and 1970s, which have been updated for the present age.

This range is sold alongside the company’s other highly esteemed designs, such as the Diamond 12 Series, EVO4 Series, and Elysian Series, giving an attractive option for meticulous music lovers who have a preference for vintage style. According to Wharfedale, they are not merely copying their past accomplishments; instead, they are utilizing the newest techniques and technologies to guarantee that the craftsmanship, finish, and performance of the classic designs are significantly improved while still remaining devoted to the spirit of the originals.

The original Dovedale speaker was created in 1965, derived from Wharfedale’s W2 model, and it was at first a two-way design. It was later adapted with three-way capabilities, adding separate bass, midrange, and treble drivers. There were multiple versions of the Dovedale from the 1960s to ’70s, with the Dovedale 3 being the most memorable. It was launched in 1971 and was known for its full and effortless sound.

The modern version of the Dovedale is inspired by the Dovedale 3 and the Unit 5 build-at-home kit. The size of the cabinet is slightly taller and wider, but still recognizable as the same speaker. At the time of its release, it wasn’t considered big, but by today’s standards, it has a large physical presence.

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The 10in (25cm) bass and 5in (13cm) midrange drivers use woven Kevlar cones, a durable synthetic fiber discovered at the same time as the original Dovedale’s launch, but not used in loudspeaker diaphragms until much later. The midrange driver is in its own individual chamber so that the sound is not affected by the bass driver. The utilization of woven Kevlar for both drivers, along with a crossover design that joins the output of each driver, guarantees a smooth transition between them.

The cabinet housings for the midrange and bass speakers are both equipped with a specific balance of acoustic foam and long hair fiber to provide optimal damping. This allows the midrange unit to deliver a steady sound in the higher bass region, which then allows for an accurate crossover to the bass unit. The bass unit itself is placed in a dampened and ported enclosure, permitting it to reach a low frequency of 25Hz and providing a clear sound for bass instruments across the whole bass range.

From the designer:

“To re-imagine the three-way Dovedale for the modern era, we considered the way the original looked and sounded – all the things that listeners loved about it at the time – and redesigned every element to elevate performance whilst remaining faithful to the spirit of the original. We built new drive units, designed an ideally proportioned cabinet to match the drivers, married them with a new crossover and perfected the cabinet’s acoustic performance inside and out. The result is a loudspeaker that exudes vintage style with a high-quality wood veneered finish and a sound that delivers deep, controlled bass, realistic, room-filling scale and captivating musical expression.”

The production has started for a limited number of the new Heritage-edition Wharfedale Dovedale speakers, with the anticipation of satisfying the most meticulous music lovers. The initial pairs of the speakers, with walnut veneer finish, will be up for sale in March at a retail price of £5,500 (about $6500) per pair with the floor stands included. Additionally, the speakers and stands can be bought separately at £5,000 and £800 respectively, for every pair.

A Writer Chronicles His Passion For Audio In “The Perfect Sound”

From the publisher:

“Garrett Hongo’s passion for audio dates back to the Empire 398 turntable his father paired with a Dynakit tube amplifier in their modest tract home in Los Angeles in the early 1960s. But his adult quest begins in the CD-changer era, as he seeks out speakers and amps both powerful and refined enough to honor the top notes of the greatest opera sopranos. In recounting this search, he describes a journey of identity where meaning, fulfillment, and even liberation were often most available to him through music and its astonishingly varied delivery systems.”

Find out more about “The Perfect Sound” here. Also Available at Amazon.

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